Wineworks superior Chardonnay

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John Galt

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Nov 22, 2020
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Made this short to 22ltrs. As pre normal instructions are simple and easy to read.

finished gravity wasn’t far off what should be- although I’m getting feedback it’s stronger than was expected.

Only bottled 3 weeks ago but have to say this has went down a treat with the hot weather. Full of body and colour, lovely flavour. Now:
So I compared it to a Wolfe bass Chardonnay from Tesco £8.80 a bottle and have to say wineworks is 100 times better. I feel like I have just thrown away £8.80. Wolfe bass being a year old and lighter in colour but lacking in flavours or depth compared to the home brew.

I’m scunnered, should never have bought a shop bottle. But we live and learn.