Wineworks superior Sav blanc review

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John Galt

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Nov 22, 2020
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This is the 3rd kit I have done since October, so getting the hang of it quite good now.
The starter kit I got came with the choice from the premium range which is 5litre of grape juice for 23ltr, it chose the merlot then realised that whites might turn out better. The merlot I have to say was nice, but as you all know reds are a hard one to replicate on a kit.
Decided to order the superior range of Pinot Grigio and also the sav blanc. These kits come with 5 and a extra half litre of juice for your 23ltr kit as well as oak chips, it’s only a few quid more for the superior range and the reviews seemed good.

The one thing that I’m not keen on is siphoning from carboy to carboy all the time so I decided to do this solely in a mangrove jack stainless steel fermenter. I didn’t move it once apart from when I bottled it which is so easy with the mangrove jack.

Instructions as per from wineworks very easy to follow and within 20mins of me closing the lid it was bubbling away, I began to worry that maybe I had it to hot but the temperature was around 22 when I put the yeast in. Anyways when the yeast hit it well it got pretty hot but it never spoiled it.

Around 6 days later I took the reading and it was below 1000 so opened the lid and papped the sulphite in and degassed as much as I could be bothered with a paddle. Added part one clearing and the next day added part 2, left it around 7 days to clear and well:
After around 14 days I had a taste and it was stunning, absolutely lovely. I gave a litre to a friend who drank it straight away and was raving about it. His words “it was better than a bottle of white he got served in Chamonix”.

Left the rest to settle in bottles and tanned 2 litres over the weekend. Verdict! Stunning- loved every gulp!

If your wanting a easy to make kit at a no bad price point with no hassle siphoning then this is a good shout. I shall try again over the next month and see how much better it gets.

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