Youngs Country Definitive Elderflower Wine review

Discussion in 'Wine & Cider Kit Reviews' started by jamesw, Mar 14, 2015.

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    Bought this kit on sale at Tesco for like 7 quid, so not too bad price (less than £1.50 a bottle).

    Made 5 and a half bottles. took quite long to clear, had to put outside in shed at about 2-5 celcius for like 10 days before it would clear (maybe provided finings arent very good).

    brewed with the label required mass of granulated sugar, took maybe 14 days.

    Nice white wine, tiny bit thin, but NO ELDERFOWER FLAVOUR! how they can call it elderflower wine ill never know!
    worked out about 10-11%

    Disappointed with this, was thinking maybe there would be a nose at least, but nothing. I guess I didnt top up to exactly right amount in the demijohn, filled up maybe 1 inch from where it starts to curve, so maybe brewed slightly short, which I would recommend, as any more diluted and it wouldnt be great.

    At the end of the day it was a cheap bottle of white wine, better than supermarket wines up to about £4. no harshness so fairly pleasant. (didnt see any elderflower ingredients in the can ingredients, so I did wonder...

    (reviewed a week after bottling, may well improve, will keep and update review, but I doubt the elderflower flavour will suddenly appear). Would strongly recommend adding elderflowers if available if you actually want an elderflower wine!!!
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