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Hello Seghes, please excuse the direct message. I saw from the Members Map that we are quite close and wondered if you might have a bit of advice. I have just got my first keg a couple of months ago and am having trouble finding a local CO2 supplier. If you are a keg user and could let me know of a place in this area who provides sensible CO2 cylinders I'd be very grateful. Cheers, Victor
Just saw your query regarding 2 line cooler, are you still after one. BTW I'm also in N. Ireland
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Obadiah Boondoggle
Obadiah Boondoggle
Don't you mean productive tweets?

Incidentally, if you are trying to make any sense of this - I posted it in the wrong place but can't delete it
Hi everyone, been following your wonderful forum since the beginning of the year. Eventually plucked up the courage to join.
Hi, what keg setup are you after? i'm sure we can come up with a deal for you
Hi Gareth,
Thanks for getting back to me. I'm actually just after the keg (5L insulated) without any extras. I already have a mini-keg system I can recycle the parts from. Just after an insulated keg for all those BBQs sat in the sun which I'm sure are just around the corner...
Cheers for the offer to send me an O-ring sample, but one good turn deserves another, so let me know what I can ping back to you in return!

[edit] - not sure that was a PM. Oops.