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Hi, I would appreciate if you could tell me what was/is the diameter of the keg you electrified with Tesco kettle heaters. My keg is a 30l DIN norm (365mm diameter) and I worry about the wall curvature that could lead to leaks. Thanks.
It's a standard keg size about 40cm diameter
Thanks for your answer!
As I (to late) understood, you had not flatten the cylindrical wall of the keg in the vicinity of the heater location. Right? Lucky you!
I will appreciate if you'll let me know any issues regarding your experience with the electrified keg usage for homebrewing.
Hey Bud,

How you doing? Just spotted your post & thought I would fire you a message on here! The code you need is RELAUNCH5 for the 5% discount.

I hope all is well at your side.

Kind Regards
Martyn Hesketh

Hope you are doing well and staying safe - I'm really interested in sending a couple of beers your way for the freestyle comp this march. Do you have an address I can send them to?


Andy P
The Furnace Green Brewer

I converted a tea urn into a boiler, bypassing the integral thermostat, and using and inkbird controller works a treat just need to design my glycol cooling unit. will let you know when its done.
Hi thought i would say thanks for the bottles and extra fv, got my starter kit from you not so long ago and haven't looked back brilliant. any news when the toffee apple cider will be back, should keep the wife happy.
Hi Lee,

I would be interested in the Kegland Dual Reg, Last straw bottle filler and all three cornies. Have you a 'best' price for them all? (Im trying to start a tripple keg setup so would be interested in any other
items you may wish to sell, i.e. taps and tripple manifolds)


hope you can help did you ever get your cooling project for plastic kegs done. If so would love to see your build and how to
Yep small under the counter fridge
BW Golden Rocket Strong Pale
Dregs of Festival Old Suffolk Dark Ale

PB / Bottle conditioning:
MJ Juicy IPA (again)
St Peter's Cream Stout

In the FV:
MJ Grapefruit IPA

Next up:
Beerworks Founders Double American IPA
Beerworks Dark Strawberry Belgian Ale
Hello Harry. Did you ever resolve the iSpindel being able to send an sms to your phone? I've run into same problem... thanks
Harry Bloomfield
Harry Bloomfield
No didn't, I gave up on Ubidots anyway and now use Brewspy. I had constant problems Ubidots, hitting the dots limit and not being able to check on the progress of my brews. I just wish Brewspy would work on the Iphone or natively on Win10.
Thanks for reply Harry. Funnily enough I was just looking at Brewspy. I believe it can be synced with the Brewfather recipe software. All a learning curve! Cheers
Works a treat with brewfather. Easy to set up too.
Hi Chippy I hope you did not think I was having a go at you I was trying to say that you were having to explain over and over to the people who could not be bothered to read your previous explainations, so sorry if I did not put this across correctly
Hi Hawksy
I'm not sure if this will come through to you as a PM, let me know
Finally! Hi fella, if you still have the chronical I wondered if you can let me know condition and any extras. Also can you post or help me courier to Devon. Thanks
Wondering whether to make a 'string' of temperature sensors to monitor the temp of the mash at different depths.
Should be easy enough as they are all on a OneWire bus