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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    a Scottish/Belgian ale, I found the recipe when I was looking for a golden ale earlier in the year more Belgian than I hoped with m41 yeast ! It had won a local camra competition. It turned out good and around 7.8%abv with 500g of clear Belgian candi sugar.
  2. AlDaviz

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    My own NeIpa Marmalade ipa, jar of marmalade and 100g of sweet oj peel added to the boil. Came in around 7.2% Abv ! Not many left was brewed in August 😳
  3. AlDaviz

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    One of the better supermarket available Neipa’s, about empty !
  4. AlDaviz

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    🤔 No 1 thing to do ? Probably the o ly thing to do in Ellon 🤣😂 I found lately BrewDog stuff is becoming bland and a lack of taste where other companies are having better choice and taste.
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    When to add candi syrup?

    I’ve used candi sugar a couple of times now, Couldn’t find any info when to add so went for 30 mins in the boil so well dissolved and added these into my hop spider as said so didn’t just sink to bottom. Brews have worked well and bumped up the OG for an imperial stout and a Belgian/Scottish...
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    Christmas beer swap

    Thanks I’ve added a message it would be good for some feedback. thanks
  7. AlDaviz

    September Competition - American Pales

    Pm me address, if I’m passing I could maybe sort something. As not really wanting to post due to previous damages !( I’ve a NEIPA based but with added marmelade that should be ready next week. thanks
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    Christmas beer swap

    I wouldn’t mind swapping some of my beers for feedback ! Is there anyone in Fife wants to swap anytime ? Close to Kirkcaldy to save posting, I’ve a marmelade hazy ipa about ready ?????
  9. AlDaviz

    National insurance.

    So i received a letter last year stating I’ve paid the maximum NI contributions over the past 30 years at the higher rate which qualifies me for pension etc. And I still need to keep paying even though the pension age has increased, and likely I can see it still increasing. What age do other...
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    Home brew Newbie - My First Setup Recommendations

    Hi I started Around 3 years ago making all grain as I liked lots of the brewdog and innes gunn beers. I decided to buy some quality items instead of having to replace if I liked what I was doing. decided to jump in near the deep end. Bought a grainfather and never looked back. Also a tilt...
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    22.5L of Marmelade Hazy Neipa Total 17487.5
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    What did you brew today?

    A Hazy NEIPA style, with 100g of sweet oj peel and a jar of Marmelade added to boil. 26L into fermenter and OG 1.063, from previous should drop to 1.01fg so around 7%abv
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Too much for me !
  14. AlDaviz

    What did you brew today?

    I’ve been using M54 Californian lager yeast, all have turned out pretty good 👍
  15. AlDaviz

    Your next brew ?

    Bohemian Pilsner this week with 500g of Weyermann carabohemian malt