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Hello, I'm very keen on the keezer. I just need to get the tape measure out and see if I can get it in the car with the seats down.

If so I'd love to take it off your hands. I'll have a look later on and be in touch.

If someone has already snapped it up let me know.
Camberwell Canary
Hi Pete - my number's +447980279654 - it's still available. With the coronavirus stuff going on it may not be straightford, but please stay in touch
Hi. I noticed from one of your posts that you are in bury and was buying RO water from local fish shop. Could you tell me which shop it was as I also live near bury and am thinking of getting into all grain soon and the water is soo hard. Thx
If it's not too cheeky I'd love some kveik yeast too. Can I send anything in return? Thanks, John Ford, 7 Moriston Drive, Livingston, EH54 9HT.
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