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Hope you are doing well and staying safe - I'm really interested in sending a couple of beers your way for the freestyle comp this march. Do you have an address I can send them to?


Andy P
Hi thought i would say thanks for the bottles and extra fv, got my starter kit from you not so long ago and haven't looked back brilliant. any news when the toffee apple cider will be back, should keep the wife happy.
Hi Lee,

I would be interested in the Kegland Dual Reg, Last straw bottle filler and all three cornies. Have you a 'best' price for them all? (Im trying to start a tripple keg setup so would be interested in any other
items you may wish to sell, i.e. taps and tripple manifolds)


hope you can help did you ever get your cooling project for plastic kegs done. If so would love to see your build and how to
Yep small under the counter fridge