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    Covid - Plan B

    First World. Didn't say I was proud of my country's obesity level. Other than people with pre-existing health problems, age is main death driver, obesity second. Not sure why you thought it was thoughtless or taking the ****.
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    Covid - Plan B

    Because they have five times the population in forty times the space?
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    Covid - Plan B

    Because they're the most obese country in the world?
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    The Bell Inn. The Star Inn. The Coeur De Lion. The Raven.
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    Beer mixtures

    If half and half in the same glass it's a brown split, used to drink that.
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    Warning of wine and spirits shortage at Christmas

    I always check these news articles for the words 'could', 'might', 'possibly' and 'perhaps'. If any of these are present I ignore the article.
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    Is Wherry known for not achieving ABV?

    Andrew, I should have been more specific, it is the kit I am referring to.
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    Is Wherry known for not achieving ABV?

    Thanks Graz. So the maths indicates that there's almost no chance the kit will ever yield 4.5 ABV as claimed on the box?
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    Anyone use yeast nutrient?

    I think 'Furnace' forgot the 's'. Harris Pure Brew
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    Is Wherry known for not achieving ABV?

    It's the only kit of eighteen this year to be over a percentage point off. I am happy to have a more sessionable beer really, as long as the taste is there.
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    Is Wherry known for not achieving ABV?

    Mine started at 1038 and finished at 1012, so 3.41% well off target.
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    Hello All, My Adventure Begins......

    I started with this kit (includes a very good beer): Still use most of it but I have found bottles better than the pressure barrel.
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    Electric trucks.

    Because of China's reliance on coal for power generation, these 'electric' trucks will be 56% powered by coal burning.
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    Keg That Giveaway!

    OK then, you twisted my arm, Milk Stout please.
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    My First Year - Kits

    Funnily enough, this is my first year of brewing (all kits) too, I have also done the MJ Juicy twice, once in March and once in late July, and I also found the second one less good than the first.