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    Equipment For Sale Ss Brewtech 10 gallon Mash Tun

    I know this is the older version without the triclamps, but you might be selling yourself a bit short only asking £50. Seems giveaway to me
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    Equipment For Sale Sold

    Giveaway! Someone jump on this
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    Getting cherry flavour into beer

    Thanks everyone for the helpful input. I've ordered some LorAnn flavourings in both cherry and black cherry. It's the brand stocked by Malt Miller so I figured that was some kind of endorsement, although it is cheaper on eBay. I've also bought some of the Lowicz cherry cordial as the local Tesco...
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    Getting cherry flavour into beer

    I've recently brewed a cherry chocolate porter and for the cherry flavour I fermented the beer in secondary with this product...
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    25kg Muntons Light Malt Extract for £45

    @the baron Is there anything you do to preserve the wort between brews? I'm not a back to back brewer so I would be concerned about contamination between brews, especially as it would be unfermented.
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    25kg Muntons Light Malt Extract for £45

    I would be interested in one of the Pale Ale. I use malt extract for my yeast starters and the cost stacks up if you're buying it in 1kg retail bags
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    Fittings for line cleaning

    Those double ended posts also work for gas, which is a godsend when I'm using my Blichmann beer gun as it means I can connect the gas without a lot of faffing about reconfiguring the system
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    Brewzilla Gen 4

    I think the Gen 4 65L has the same problem as the Gen 3 in that it is not plug and play for Type G sockets with a 13A fuse (i.e. UK and Ireland). Shame they don't seem to have addressed that. As they now use an IEC lead, I guess it would be easy to switch over to a UK lead without cutting the...
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    Liquid Yeast - am I missing something?

    Brew Dudes recently did a comparison of three English ale yeasts with a blind taste test: Lallemand Nottingham, Wyeast Thames Valley and Wyeast West Yorkshire Lallemand Nottingham came last by some margin.
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    Another homebrew store going under???

    The message from Youngs is a bit rum IMO. Where there is a commercial dispute, it's a well worn tactic for one company to present a winding up petition against the other to apply pressure to settle a debt. They usually go nowhere because, even if the petition goes to a court hearing, the...
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    What's the crappiest place in the UK?

    It's impossible to answer that question honestly because it's contextual. Would I uproot my family to go and live in Hull or any other of these places? Obviously not, but that's because we're settled where we are and have no reason to live there. Would I rule it out if I was single and was...
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    What's the crappiest place in the UK?

    I don't understand this thread. We live in a country with such a rich history and varied geography that I'd wager every town maligned in these posts has something beautiful and unique. When we speak of a town being 'crap' really what we're talking about is a lack of money, investment and...
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    Fermzilla fermenters

    Good advice from @Obadiah Boondoggle above. I think it also depends on what you're brewing. If it's mostly traditional ales, a pressure fermenter will give you nothing over a bucket, lid and airlock. If you're doing more modern, hop forward beers, the main advantage of a pressure fermenter is...
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    Fermzilla fermenters

    Keg King's slightly smaller version of the snubnose (the Apollo is 30L, whereas the existing snubnose is 35L+) It's not available in the UK presently. Brew2Bottle will be your best bet as and when it finally hits these shores.
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    Kegland Series X fan replacement question

    Calling all you computer techsperts... I think the bearing on the font fan of my Series X kegerator is knackered. It is now making an annoying rattling sound. The fan is just a basic 120mm 12V DC brushless fan that you can buy more or less anywhere. The actual replacement part that Kegland...