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    Common word pairs.

    come on chipppy - I am joking as well - but - looking at the previous few word pairs to your own - you were discomeknockeratedd.
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    Common word pairs.

    objection to chippy tea word as rubicks cube was a foul
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    Common word pairs.

    Edit by C-T - As you objected to my post below can you tell me how you get to machine learning from Stock Cube :confused.: Message me with your answer don't take the thread off topic again! machine learning
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    Common word pairs.

    one more
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    Common word pairs.

    Oh Chippy I am so dippy I did not know That the submitted two words had to link to the previous pair ALSO
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    Nucleated glasses Basingstoke-Reading area

    I like how Chippy allows and promotes daft irrelevant threads. I lost my priviledges on the Excel forum after a minor transgression............... Anybody need any help with Excel spreadsheets ?
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    Too cold.

    A 5 litre insulated picnic box with 4 bricks heated to 200 deg C in your oven and a piece of ply drilled with 7453 1mm holes to stand the pint on should sort the problem. If the premises are cask marque or CAMRA recommended just tell the manager.....
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    Anyone use yeast nutrient?

    I use a tip of nutrient and a tip of vitamin C in my starters - supplementary question - can you use wine nutrient in beer ?
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    Too cold.

    Years ago I drank with a lovely American man in London. He would order 2 pints of Guinness and put one on the hearth in front of a blazing log fire. He got some very strange looks.....
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    Overbuilding yeast and yeast count

    I use all of the slurry from a 22 litre batch for the next batch, and so on, 4 times max, restart with sediment from one of the bottles in batch 1 and use the next 2 resultant slurries. Of course, in around 40 years, I will have to buy another packet of yeast.
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    I'm Struggling

    I also think long walks, whatever the weather will help, preferably with someone else. Cook somethink different every week. And this is contentious, take 2 grams (2000 mg) of vitamin C every day. Finally start baking sourdough bread. Finally (2) turn off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
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    Word association

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    Why boil hops for 60 minutes ?

    Thanks to all - will report back in due course.
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    Why boil hops for 60 minutes ?

    Greetings all. As my beers all tend to end up "too" bitter, I was considering boiling for only 20 minutes. I have consulted Doctor Google, but have not discovered why, or if, 60 minutes is best.
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    I know they "claim" to be the best. My recommendation is based on recent use in the last year, when I was temporarily unable to make full mash beers. They are "cheap" and make a very drinkable beer. With experience you will improve them eg with extra hops and crystal malt. Good luck.