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    Tall refurbed kegs

    Can anyone recommend a website to get decent refurbished cornies at a reasonable price. I’m looking for the tall kegs 630x210mm. Most of the sites I’m looking at only stock the shorter fatter kegs 560x230mm.
  2. Cestrian

    Long beer line problem

    When I have 2m of 3/16 line on the keg in the utility room, no problems, but my new set up has 15m of 3/8 beer line from my keg to my tap and I am really struggling to get this set up right. The keg is at ambient temp in the garage and I was dispensing at about 15-20psi (have tried several...
  3. Cestrian

    Length of beer line

    My good friend who lives next door has turned his garage into a cool bar, where we shoot pool and play poker. I want to run beer line from my kegs in my garage through his normal garage into the bar garage, so maybe 10-15m. I normally have 2m of 3/16 line on my kegs. Anyone know what the...
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    Blue Stone IPA

    Spent the last week in Pembrokeshire where I was lucky enough to try a fantastic IPA and PA by Blue Stone brewery based in Newport. Two very nice fruity beers that I would love to have a go at brewing. Has anyone got any idea which hops are used in these beers?
  5. Cestrian

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Just cracked the latest keg after a long day painting railings in the garden. This one’s called scorchio PA - el dorado, citra, chinook and a generous slice of amarillo. Can’t see this keg lasting long!
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Magic Rock’s Psychkinesis - NEIPA with cascade, citra, mosaic, simcoe and hbc348
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    How many of you have?

    Just moved house this week and my new local has TT Landlord on hand pull amongst others and very reasonably priced. Went for a quiet night out there with the mrs at the weekend and by midnight we were having a right laugh with half the locals in the pub and people kept buying us jaeger bombs...
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    The 'Recommend me a TV series' thread

    Time started on BBC 1 last night, prison drama with Stephen Graham and Sean Bean. Very intense! watched the second episode on iPlayer tonight. Really gritty drama. Edge of the seat stuff. We’re hooked!
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    Cali common recipes

    My notes on my last Cali Common Brew length 25L 2.5Kg pilsner 3.5Kg Pale malt 30g Carafa 2 500g Caramunich 1 300g Vienna 1058 OG (70% eff) 31IBU Northern brewer 23g @ 60 min (Leaf) Northern brewer [email protected] 15 min (Leaf) Northern brewer 40g FO (Leaf) Pitched 2 packets of rehydrated...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    The Belgian pale ale didn’t touch the sides. Next up is my bluebird XB - challenger and mount hood, lovely drop! Recipe here caught Tess attacking the sprinkler in the background 😂
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    What a beautiful day for a bank holiday Monday! Relaxing in the back garden after spending a whole weekend packing, as we are meant to move house this Friday 🤞first up is a Belgian pale with Wyeast 3522 Ardennes yeast and mandarina bavaria late on. Recipe here
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    Cestrian Brewday

    This turned out nice! It’s a beautiful bank holiday Monday for a change. Just sat in the back garden trying this new brew. The Ardennes yeast reminds me a lot of Duvel or La Chouffe, and there’s definitely a bit of orange coming through in the finish from the Mandarina Bavaria. Nice summer quaffer.
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    Maltose Syrup

    I used to work at Cargill in Manchester. They make most of the glucose syrup in the UK that goes into all your sweets, cakes, jams, fizzy drinks and beer. They can make a spectrum of any molecule lengths of glucose to suit almost any confectionary application. So for hard candy it's a very...
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    My Claim to Fame

    I met Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in Clintons Cards in the Trafford Centre. My wife was a big fan of Changing Rooms at the time and as luck would have it, it was her birthday the next day, so I bought a birthday card and asked him to sign it to my wife. Nice chap! Anyway for a laugh I told her that...
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    My Claim to Fame

    I met Anthea Turner in the queue for the cork screw