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    Newbie question: will I make a single bottle of wine from this?

    From 30 bunches you can make more than one bottle of wine :cool: I did this a couple of years ago, after I started brewing, so I knew about fermentation and had some equipment ready. You should wait until the end of September, and taste if they are ripe and sweet. The year after my first...
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    To Dry Hop my Porter or not to dry hop my Porter?

    You can find it all here: Shut Up About Barclay-Perkins Zythophile You might need to dig and read much, but these two do a thorough research in historic records, and have already debunked a whole lot of brewing myths (like peaty Scottish beer, but you will find a whole lot of other things)...
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    To Dry Hop my Porter or not to dry hop my Porter?

    I think the only style guides that matter are the ones reported by Ronald Pattinson and Martyn Cornell, based upon real research and original historical brewing records.
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    Vintage Beers

    @Hanglow : also thanks for the tip of the oven! I regularly make my own invert sugar, but I have never let it color (except by adding cane sugar or dark brown sugar).
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    Do We All Pack Our Brew Space to the Extreme?

    Hah, I brew in my kitchen and keep everything in the attic...
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    5 litre Batches of Beer. Why?

    The amount you lose in the boil depends on the power used. If you boil on a stovetop, then it is difficult to know the power of the hobs on which you boil. However, power works two ways. You need much more power to bring the wort to the boil. Once boiling it is possible to reduce the power, and...
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    Mangrove Jacks M54 at lower temperatures

    Their specifications of course say that recommended minimum is 18° C. This would mean that it or might not work. However, I see that your temperature will be constant. I have seen from other yeast specifications (Lallemand or Fermentis I think), that recommended does not mean absolute minimum...
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    Quote from LiveScience:
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    Ammonium nitrate disasters
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    5 litre Batches of Beer. Why?

    For five litre batches a 10 litre pot is safer. 7 litre is really tight, might work for 3 or 4 litre batch.
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    99% apparent attenuation

    M44 already has a strong attenuation by itself. I used it last year to brew a Duvel clone. I got 89% on that one. And indeed all other parameters give an indication towards very high fermentability.
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    Its Gonna Be A Scorcher On Friday

    38° C here around Bruges today, in the shadow. On such days we install the mobile airco and stay inside, reading a book and listening to music.
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    What causes gushers?

    In addition to @An Ankoù : a yeast that is a bit slow at the end, and the impossibility to distinguish the final gravity lower than 1 gravity point, because hydrometers are mostly not precise enough, with a scale on the order of two gravity points per measure mark. But 1 gravity point is about...
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    Pasta pasta...

    Love it. I want to make mozarella, but I have (had) so much to do during lockdown, that I haven't had time for that yet. Learned to bake focaccia.
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    Saison carbing?

    @UKSkydiver : I regularly ferment with the M29, it always goes around to 1.000 in a normal wort, all that remains is not fermentable (based upon 6 recipes fermented with it). My last saison was carbed with 9,4 g of glucose/dextrose per litre, for 3,2 volumes of CO2. With respect to porters, I...