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    RO water equipment

    Find out how much RO water you really need first, for every brew. It is essential that you use your RO installation regularly. What I do is tap every week 5l, with the smallest RO filter, good for 7l/hour. For larger amounts you could do this for shorter periods, or buy a system which is...
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    Belgian Mild

    Well, I have wondered about that too, ever since Brülosophy did a test with adding Carapils and didn't detect a difference between beer with and without it.
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    Belgian Mild

    Hope it works out! I think brewing a mild this way is probably a challenge. I think it was simpler for me to brew a Continental Porter, meaning I only use German hops and Dingemans malts. Would the flaked barley really give that much extra body? It's just unmalted barley that has been through a...
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    Mangrove Jacks M76

    I used it for brewing bocks. It is a nice yeast. I have always used a temperature between 10° and 12° C for fermentation. After fermentation, I put it for a couple of days at room temperature to get rid of diacetyl. I also lagered them for a couple of weeks in a cold environment to make sure...
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    How many litres of home brew 2020.

    10 litres of Belgian Tripel, fermented with St.-Bernardus yeast (to be named "Ceci n'est pas un St.-Bernard) 25,375.5 litres
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    Depends a bit upon your recipe. Additions of crystal malt will help the body/mouthfeel. The amount of proteins still in the beer will also help. Yeasts also produce glycols, some more, some less, which also help with body and mouthfeel. And lastly, the alcohol itself will also help there...
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    Hm, yes you can expect that from the M31. You are not the first one to report that, I have also seen it on the Dutch and Belgian forums. I am awaiting feedback from my brother who has also brewed something with the M31. This is a var. diastaticus yeas, one which keeps turning complex sugars and...
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    It's a men's evening, with also much vodka...
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    Yeast for higher ABV beer.

    Actually, yes. I use it to brew a heavily hopped strong ale, but I also add a fair amount of sugar so that the attenuation is bit higher, mostly 75%. But I think in this case the sweetness comes through a combination of dextrines and alcohol.
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    Yeast for higher ABV beer.

    S-33 has an attenuation of only 70%. This might be too low for brewing a higher ABV beer from your planned ingredients, unless you take it specifically into account.
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    Mead yeast

    Interesting. I have seen on the internet people say that bread yeast can only tolerate up to 5% alcohol. Brewing mead probably goes a bit above that?
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    Strike, Sparge and Grain Absorption

    So you have a appr. 3:1 and 4:1 ratio for your strike water, which in both cases, after absorption, leads to a mash which is pretty well the same. I think that above a certain strike ratio it does not matter much.
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    Strike, Sparge and Grain Absorption

    How much grain did you use relative to your strike water?
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    Trump v Biden.

    Not unlike the toxic evangelical christian ideology that has infected the republican party?
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    How are we all coping with Covid 19?

    I can carry out my new job (actually also caused by the pandemic) entirely from home. I am employed again on a full daily and weekly basis. My first assignment is even for a British (Wales) company, Puffin Produce Ltd. I must say that the temporary unemployment did me good, I feel rested and fit...