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    Calling for the duty to be slashed in the upcoming budget on March 3.

    That would be a change after 200 years of tax increase...
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    Tasteless Pilsner

    Are you sure your boss doesn't have a cold, sinusitis or taste loss due to COVID-19?
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    Easy belgian ale suggestions

    Definitely, the real trappists like to brew with German and Czech hops, Styrian Goldings and Saaz are used.
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    IBUs not adding up...

    I agree with some comments here on Tinseth. I have the impression that it is only correct for a bittering charge of at least 50 minutes, and that later charges have much less influence on the bittering than the calculation would give. Even double the amount for a 30 minute boil seems to result...
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    Easy belgian ale suggestions

    One of the things in Belgian brewing is a slight underpitching. If you use dry yeast, don't make a starter. I you use liquid yeast, I would add it to some wort, e.g. 0,5 l, to make it active and pitch it when it is at high kraüsen (foaming). How many litres do you want to make for a first, and...
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    Easy belgian ale suggestions

    But if you mash in a pot which you can easily regulate the power of, e.g. on an inductive stove, use a 59°-65°-70°, for each step appr. 20 minutes. Yeasts: Mangrove Jack's M47, not M31 or M41, unless you want to brew something Duvel-ish, in which case you will need a couple of weeks extra to...
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    My small scale hop growing setup

    Have you done just recently or already for a couple of years? This is the plant from a member of the Flemish homebrew forum.
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    Just say "no" to yeast rinsing (a.k.a. yeast washing in amatuer brewer terms)

    For me, the advantage of washing yeast is that I can store it in my refrigerator in small pots.
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    Maybe they’ll find some recipes...

    3000BC. Probably because the workers for the pyramids got partially paid in beer, so it would not be possible to rely for that on familial brewing. So that is probably the real first industrial brewery. Homebrewing was the rule, probably until the middle ages, and in agricultural settings even...
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    Low temperature cider ferment

    I'm with @johncrobinson . I visited a cidrerie in Normandy, they wait until winter to press their fruit and start fermenting it. Of course their fermentation tanks are bigger, but I didn't see any heating or cooling installed.
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    Low alcohol beer... botulism?!

    To wrap it up. There is only a chance of botulism w.r.t. wort that is stored under anaerobic conditions. This mostly happens in two cases: no-chill cubes that have been left for more than three days, and wort stored in mason jars or cans, but not cooked above 121° C for at least three minutes...
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    Yeast Recommendations for Leffe clone

    I made one with the MJ M20 yeast. I had the luck of being able to taste fresh Leffe, one day after I drunk one from my own. I was surprised by how similar they were. It's all about the cloves from the yeast. I used a mix of 30% wheat malt, 60% lager malt and 10% crystal malt 20 EBC. I used a...
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    Lack of Fermentation Control - Best Yeast for my conditions?

    Mangrove Jack's M20 (weizen) and M29 (saison) are very versatile yeasts, which do not limit you to weizen or saison. Although the M20 subdues hop aroma and taste, and is more usable for malty beers. The M29 is a diastaticus yeast, and regularly ferments to between 1.000 and 1.002, if you want...
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    New brewer from Portugal

    BrassageAmateur.com looks nice, 20000 members, and it looks fairly active. They also have map with forum members. But I am not a regular visitor, the British, Dutch and Flemish forums already take up enough of my time.
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    New brewer from Portugal

    That's the advantage of the British homebrew forum: it's simpler to be international than those on the continent, due to language (from Belgium here, also subscribed to the Flemish, Dutch, German and French homebrew forums, but only really active/following the Flemish and Dutch). Welcome!