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    The 'Recommend me a TV series' thread

    Currently about half way through the documentary series "The Man who bought Cricket" on Sky documentaries. Its about Allen Stanford the guy who offered a $20 million dollar prize for a game of cricket. Quite interesting to see how he got to where he was and then it all falling apart.
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    Air friers and the like

    Another Ninja 9 in 1 convert here. An absolutely fantastic bit if kit. The way it cooks whole chickens and various joints of meat is brilliant. It makes fantastic chips also. The slow cooker mode is also really good for stews etc. I would highly recommend one to anyone.
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    I've got 4 of these glasses from ebay and they are superb, hold 660ml and keep excellent carbonation for ages.
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    Automatic gearbox

    I had manual in all my cars up until the current Skoda Kodiaq which has a 7 speed auto in it, I would now never go back to manual, it just makes driving so easy, also couple it with adaptive drive assist mode makes it even better. I've got an EV arriving in March so I doubt I'll ever own a...
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    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    Thats your opinion mine is different. 👍
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    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    It's everything to do with the people "leading" us.
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    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    I think it's fair to say opinion is split. But I think people saying "just because they do it, I wouldnt" are missing the point. Consistently throughout this pandemic the government have either lied, given false promises, used very skewed data and eroded basic civil liberties without...
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    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

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    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    From nearly every person I've spoken to they can announce whatever restrictions they like but people are just not going to follow them this time. The whole debacle of Christmas parties at Downing Street and the wine and cheese "work meeting" has meant most have had enough. We have plans...
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    Mangrove Jacks Pils (Craft Series)

    I got the kit and a 1.2kg of lme for £23 which for 40 odd pints of good quality pilsner seems a good deal to me. 🍺
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    Covid - Plan B & Omicron

    Just to add my very recent experience, all 3 of my boys caught Covid from school. Obviously me and the wife expected to get it too however we never did, our boys are still very young so they are climbing all over us etc so very close contact but nothing. We did 2 pcr's and an lft everyday and...
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    Mangrove Jacks Pils (Craft Series)

    I have done this kit very recently as I wanted it as my beer for Christmas. It took about 11 days in my bucket and came out at 4.6%. Had my first bottle last night and I'm very impressed, a very nice Czech pilsner, I'm a big fan of Urquell and for me this was just as good. I left it to condition...
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    Azeem Rafiq

    When you actually look into cricket and the characters that inhabit that world its a very horrible place. Just today the Australian captain had to resign over lurid text messages sent to a colleague, numerous cheating/game fixing scandals. When you read some of what use to go on that has been...
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    My First Year - Kits

    My first year of brewing too and have just stuck to kits for now. Lockdown got me started and I've very much become addicted. My highlights so far from trying about 15 kits are: Mangrove Jack Craft Series Juicy IPA, Mango Pale Ale, Raspberry and Lime Cider and Single Hop IPA. St. Peters Brewery...
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    Keg That Giveaway!

    West Coast IPA please 🍺