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    Evil Dog IPA on the go.

    A cider smell may be acetaldehyde. It's a precursor in the yeast's production of alcohol but sometimes doesn't all get converted. Hopefully all of it will be changed to alcohol during conditioning though I have once had to throw a brew because of it. That was a summer brew so it's possibly...
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    Hot weather and 18oC target

    I'm just sitting my FV in a large plastic box full of cold water on my garage floor. I'm maintaining a fairly consistent 22 celcius temperature. It's Nottingham yeast which can, apparently, stand temps up to 24. It's cooling down over the next few days so hopefully my mini crisis is over🙂
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    Old Hop Pellets

    I don't imagine they'd be harmful. Just might not be big on flavour/aroma after all that time.
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    I hold it as warm as possible with insulation in the form of a sleeping bag and a motorcycle jacket! It tends to remain at mid 50s celcius by morning which is hopefully enough to avoid any damage.
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    Busy times from home brew shops

    My order from Geterbrewed is also on it's way. They've been busy by the sound of it! I've bought from Leyland Homebrew for many years and hope they survive this crisis but in the meantime I'm very grateful to have found an alternative.
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    I use the same process every time. Overnight mash to save time. Sparge whilst it's warming up. Bittering hops, flavour hops, flameout hops. Dried yeast. I've stopped dry hopping because after a month you can't taste them anyway. I don't check the gravity pre boil. What's the point. It urns out...
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    To sparge or not to sparge

    I started a BIAB sort of process without sparging and then added a 6 litre batch sparge. I obviously reduced the initial water volume by 6 litres. The increase in OG for the same volume of wort was between 5 and 10%. People say grain is cheap so increase your grain but isn't it better to improve...
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    Too hopy and maybe cloudy

    On a brighter note the OP didn't say how long he boiled the hops for. If it was only about 20 minutes it won't have added too much to bitterness.
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    Too hopy and maybe cloudy

    I would imagine the hops were intended to be boiled at different stages for different amounts of time like 60 minutes, 20 minutes, flameout and possibly dry hopping. If you boiled up the lot I'd expect the beer to be more bitter and less aromatic than intended. Did you get any instructions? Did...
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    Dry Hops - Filtering?

    I use net curtain material as large filters for grain and hops. A small, sterilised piece tied over a syphon tube works a treat as a dry hop filter.
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    You brewin supported? or, a brewing Ninja?

    I'm semi retired and brew whilst my wife is at work. Why don't we all start spreading the rumor on social media that brewing protects against Coronavirus? Similar happened in Iran. An ayahtolla had said that alcohol is a cure. Of course you can't get alcohol in Iran but a number of people were...
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    Will dry hopping be worth it for me?

    That's it. It takes a very short time for the temp. to drop to 80 celcius so give it a stir and watch carefully. I then just leave it for 10 minutes afterwhich I continue to cool to pitching temp. I've tried a longer steep than 10 minutes but found not difference.
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    Will dry hopping be worth it for me?

    I'm with Terrym on this. After dry hopping since about 1989 I've stopped! A good dose of hop at somewhere between 20 and 5 minutes and a flameout amount having cooled to 80C is giving me better beers with long lasting hop flavours. Admittedly I don't tend to have it hanging around too long!
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    Flameout addition confusion.

    I've always found my beers to have a better, late hopped flavour if I cool to 80C before adding flameout hops. I leave to steep for 10 minutes at this point before cooling to pitching temp.
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    Hop additions

    I do as Hazelwood Brewery. At flameout, though, I cool to 80C before adding the hops for a 10 minute steep. It seems to preserve the lighter elements of hop flavour. I've pretty much dropped dry hopping, after more than 20 years of doing it! . It gives a hit of late hopped flavour but lasts a...