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    Finings and conditioning

    I’ve had a lager brew lagering in my fridge at around 2° for about 4-5weeks i plan on bottling in the next few days trying carb drops for the first time, I’ve taken it out of the fridge for a couple of days to raise the temp a bit to reactivate any yeast ready for carbonation but i want to try...
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    Wilko Geordie lager kit

    FG ended up at 1009 bringing it in at around 6%. At the moment it’s in secondary in my fridge at 2° I’ll be bottling it this week and leaving it for a month to condition, I’ve had a taste and it tastes pretty good lots of flavour even without carbonation. I did this as a bit of an experiment to...
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    HopCat - Rubber Washers

    Good to know ta. Have you brewed more than the regulation 23l in it yet.
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    HopCat - Rubber Washers

    How is the hopcat performing, I’m thinking of this as my next big purchase.
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    Hop Raffles (4 Winners!!)

    Congratulations the two of you. Thanks for the raffle @BenParr
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    John Bull Traditional English Ale Kit - Log

    It’s great to see other peoples process, never thought of using different colour caps for first and last few bottles i like that. Let us know how they clear and taste when ready.
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    Company closing offering clearance sale

    Received my package today, only ordered it on Thursday. Can’t wait to get the single hop IPA on the go.
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    Going Large - Today's the Day

    Brilliant thread, keep posting, hope everything turns out well and you get the brew you’re aiming for.
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    Company closing offering clearance sale

    Just been on and ordered a few MJ craft series kits for £14 each with dry hops, the hops and the yeast must be worth about £5-£7.
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    Hop Raffles (4 Winners!!)

    Can’t resist, im in 6543
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    Cheap kits sub 14£, never again !!!

    Love that idea of making another brew with a can and your left over wort, quick question how long do you boil up the second brew and how much more hops do you add. I’m hoping to move to all grain very shortly as soon as room/time/equipment is all in place and this has tweaked my interest even more.
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    New Limited Edition Kit Giveaway! From Love Brewing!!!

    Congrats @Skippi let us know how it turns out. Great offer from lovebrewing.
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    Shipwrecked Yeast

    Interesting read.
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    Hop raffle #19

    Hops arrived last week superbly vacuum packed and even a few keg that beer mats thrown in too, thanks Ben.
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    Hop raffle #19

    Thanks Ben and thanks for running the raffle.