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    Stuck fermentation

    Yeah that's what I mean by the sharp fermentation smell. There's definitely something going on. I was just worried because it hasn't moved in about 3-4 days and I'm use to seeing a few gravity points less each day. I will do this tonight. I've been relying on my refractometer so far, however...
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    Stuck fermentation

    I intend to do a proper hydrometer reading tonight once I've checked it's accuracy. Unfortunately I don't have any more of this yeast. I'll give it a good taste later as well. I think I'll wait 2 weeks and see what happens and then consider more yeast.
  3. Leard

    Stuck fermentation

    Yeast was Mangrove Jacks M44. I've used a refractometer sample that has been adjusted according to the OG of 1.055. However I also used my hydrometer which I'm wary to trust since the tube I use to put it in is quite narrow so I'm not sure how much it's getting stuck on the sides. However it was...
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    Stuck fermentation

    I'm 11 days into fermentation for my amber ale. 20L with a grain bill consisting of: 4kg Maris Otter 300g Simpsons Amber Malt 300g CaraAmber 350g Simpsons Medium Crystal FG should be 1.011 but for the last 3-4 days it's been stuck at 1.017. I managed to achieved a higher effiency than I...
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    Second BIAB - amber ale

    I did my second BIAB on Monday. Compared to my first one it went incredibly well I think. Here's the recipe: OG: 1.054 ABV: 5.6% Size: 19L 4kg Maris Otter 300g Simpsons Amber Malt 300g CaraAmber 350g Simpsons Medium Crystal 8g Centennial - 30 mins 8g Chinook - 30 mins 8g Centennial - 10 min...
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    Whirlpool/mixing while cooling using a power drill

    How does this pump method work with BIAB? Attach the pump to the kettle spigot which would then pump the water back into the kettle?
  7. Leard

    What piece of equipment has become invaluable that you wouldn’t expect?

    Looking for some ideas on useful bits of equipment that you generally wouldn't think of.
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    Whirlpool/mixing while cooling using a power drill

    I'm looking at using a power drill to create a whirlpool for hopping, and for stirring my wort whilst I'm immersion chilling. Seems it will cool quicker if the wort is being mixed at the same time, and it's easier to attach something to a power drill rather than using my paddle by hand. What...
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    Brew day fail stories?

    For my first BIAB about a week ago, I was lifting the bag out and then squeezing out over the kettle to get all the last sugars. It isn't easy squeezing 5.5kg of wet grain with just two hands and so I ended up dropping the bag into the kettle causing wort to splash out over the sides. I ended up...
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    Dry hopping

    What's the benefit of dry hopping in a bag? What's wrong with just throwing the hops in and then cold crashing to get them to the bottom when it's time to transfer to keg?
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    Cheapest overall online retailer for ingredients?

    There are a hell of a lot of retailers online to buy grains, hops, and yeast from. Currently I am using because they have quite a useful Build Your Own All Grain Recipe creator. Their prices seem to be on the cheaper side of things. I don't necessarily want to buy in bulk yet as...
  12. Leard

    Electric kettle or stock pot?

    They're cheaper from GetErBrewed - and it includes a false bottom.
  13. Leard

    Feedback on this Amber Ale recipe

    The roasting is deserved, somewhat. Would like some actual feedback as well though!
  14. Leard

    How to do a basic whirlpool

    What do you mean by a hop tea?
  15. Leard

    How to do a basic whirlpool

    So immersion chill for a bit to get it to <80 degrees, and then steep for 20 mins. Got it.
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