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    Windsor yeast??

    To be more precise, Big Sky's Moose Drool is a popular commercial beer, Caribou Slobber is a homebrew kit intended to clone it. Both have been around for ages, which I guess is one reason why the kit uses Windsor, there wasn't so much choice back in the day. There's two issues with Windsor -...
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    Being rather outside their home area, I think Waitrose is the only supermarket I've seen it in - I suspect the other chains are big enough to have more regional variation, whereas Waitrose being smaller seem to have a fairly fixed national range and then a few hyperlocal slots for individual...
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    Acidulated malt and Philly Sour yeast

    Goses are more tart than sour - as I say, Philly Sour should be getting you down to pH 3.4-3.5, compare with this by Fal Allen in the journal of the Brewer's Association, summarising the book he wrote about gose ...
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    Electric trucks.

    I can think of some things to disagree with in this, but it's an interesting perspective :
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    Wheat prices to jump

    Although relatively little wheat is traded internationally, and Ukraine's entire production is only about 4% of world supply. And it looks like they will still manage to produce about 2/3 of a normal harvest, so the direct war disruption will account for only 1% or so of world supply. Still...
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    Acidulated malt and Philly Sour yeast

    Err - any? What exactly is your intention by using acid malt and Philly Sour together? Philly Sour on its own will get beer down to pH3.4-3.5 or so which is typical for goses, I suspect that all you will achieve by putting it in a wort with acid malt is to make the Philly Sour unhappy and not...
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    25kg sack price?

    I've been hearing even higher numbers lately, with some commercial brewers talking about malt prices in future being double what they were pre-pandemic. British hopgrowers have put some numbers on what they're facing : Between...
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    How can I increase "maltiness" but not OG ?

    I certainly wouldn't be adding crystal. Aside from water chemistry, what yeast are you using? They can bring more or less out of the malt. (I know - NB in "it's all about yeast" shock....)
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    Yeast pitching for consistent results

    IME the problem with empty casks is that there's often other things growing in them by the time you get to them. Bulking up from a single colony is how the yeast labs do it, and a lot of the family brewers only have 2-3 strains kicking around, although there are exceptions. You also want to...
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    Yeast pitching for consistent results

    Not just "of old" - the likes of Lees are up to 5000 repitches. Some of it is that traditional multistrains are rather more resilient to repitching than single strains from yeast labs, also top-cropping means you're taking much healthier yeast than bottom-cropping from a conical.
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    Yeast pitching for consistent results

    In reality that's not much of an issue, as breweries typically brew on a regular (eg weekly) schedule, so it's a reasonable assumption that the yeast is in a similar state each time. The big difference in vitality is within a few days, it's less of an issue between say 1 week and 2 weeks...
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    Boris Johnson No confidence vote

    The current rules say he can't be challenged for 12 months, but it's so easy to change the rules that it's not a real obstacle. Betting markets suggest a ~20% chance of him not being leader by the conference in September, the obvious time to kick him out would be after the investigation into...
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    West Coast IPA recipe critique please

    I certainly wouldn't go any lighter on bittering - a WCIPA is meant to be bitter, a BU:GU of 0.84 is about as low as a classic one would ever go. US malts are pretty boring, so the Chevallier isn't that true-to-style but if you want to use it up then fine. Since you've got the Lutra to hand...
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    Advice on Driving through the UK

    Obviously it's a unique situation but I'd have thought you should be OK, I imagine most people doing long-distance trips will leave Wednesday night/Thursday morning, then come back Sunday night. Personally I hate that Staffs/Birmingham bit of the M6. You might want to consider the A50...
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    Yeast starters and use of glucose

    All these things are shades of grey, but there's only 7-10% glucose in typical wort, if the yeast wants to get anywhere, it needs to get its maltose-munching enzymes going. And yes, anecdotally, Belgian beers do seem to be the ones that stall most often for homebrewers, although some yeast like...