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    When to bottle

    East Kent Goldings hops.
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    Brew UK Delivery

    Errr...that doesn't compute
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    Brew UK Delivery

    Doesn't the title of this thread need editing and the thread need moving to the snug?
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    Pub quality extract kit.

    You're drinking in the wrong pubs.
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    Recipe suggestions from my inventory

    Try this Beerlad
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    Controlling Fermenter Temperatures

    I've seen something a long time ago, but can't remember where, where someone took the door off the fridge and used something like Kingspan to build an insulated box that butted up to the open fridge. EDIT This isn't what I was thinking of, but I like the idea Conical Fermenter fridge - Home...
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    Bavarian Pilsner with Kölsch yeast..

    I've always wondered why kit lager instructions don't tell you to lager the beer.
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    Bavarian Pilsner with Kölsch yeast..

    Using the Kolsch yeast isn't what means you need to lager the brew. Pilsner is a lager and needs lagering.
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    Rookie error!

    Or a Kolsch, fermented with a Kolsch yeast at about 16 centigrade it would be "lager" ish
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    Thanks, I'll give it a go.
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    Any suggestions for how much in a loaf, with say 500g of flour?
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    Rookie error!

    If the stout was sour as well as the lager that is even more sign that you have in infection in your kit. I don't think what you describe increases the risk of the lager tasting sour.
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    Rookie error!

    Fermenting for 18 days and then kegging and conditioning for a week is not how you make lager. You need to use a lager yeast and ferment at an appropriate temperature, may be 12 centigrade for 3 or 4 weeks. You then need to lager it for a few weeks before kegging. However, as @Leon103 says...
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    Live football.

    It was an enjoyable match, what the FA Cup should be, although I would have liked to see Marine score at least one goal.
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    Bake your first sourdough 🤤

    I baked my second sourdough this morning using Shipton Mill's Organic Light Malthouse Flour for the bulk of the flour and a 330ml bottle of home brewed stout instead of water. It's a delicious loaf. If the first two are anything to go by I will have to bake every other day to keep up with demand.