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    Orange and Honey Mead question

    Hi Great pic! Orange mead is a tricky one tbh. Firstly with that amount of honey I would expect a starting SG of around 1.100 so 1.060 seems a little low? A litre of orange juice is a lot to hit a primary with as the acidity will really upset the yeast and it will struggle to get going if at...
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    Orange and Honey Mead question

    Hi. Love Mead! A few questions to see what’s happening. What was your start SG, how much orange and what yeast did you use? It may well be a simple task of a bit of nutrient. T
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    Hello from North Devon

    Welcome. Loads of Devon based action on here. I’m west Devon as my tag suggests 👍
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    Lalvin EC-1118 Problems - Alcoholic Lemonade

    As you probably know the yeast need nitrogen amongst other raw materials to burn through the sugar easily. Nutrient provides this extra help. Stressed yeast, to me, are yeast without a balanced diet that don’t function well. Like eating Mac Donald’s all the time, nice, but you need some roughage!
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    Lalvin EC-1118 Problems - Alcoholic Lemonade

    Love a lemon wine! You could try a step feed process? You could do it in thirds. I would add the dry unhydrated yeast to 1/3 of each ingredient but maintain just under a gallon volume. So 330g of sugar, 1/3 of the lemon juice and an appropriate amount of nutrient into just under a gallon (to...
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    Dried Blackcurrants?

    Hi I've used dried cherries and cranberries before and you're right they can be rather pricey. I usually throw them into a secondary to add a bit more flavour to a mead/melomel. My only experience with dried fruit was using blueberries to make a mead. The difficulty is when they rehydrate and...
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    Suggestions please

    Hi Sounds like a opportunity for a gallon of pyment? A mead with grape/wine influence. Yum! Although raisin sherry is very tempting..... Add 2x720g hilltop honey from Tesco to your concentrate in a demijohn then throw in zest/juice of a lemon and a handful of hot rinsed raisins (to get rid of...
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    Mead Fermented Out At 19.5% Using Lalvin 71b-1122?

    Great effort on having a go at Mead making. Mother Natures curve ball! Everything you did seems spot on. If you calculate the actual sugar content in the honey then the maths will confirm that the yeast did their job. Typically, honey has around 75-80g of fermentable sugar per 100g so lets say...
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    Honey comparison…..

    Hi. Lalvin D47 or EC-1118 or the like will ensure a complete fermentation if left alone long enough. Good call. There are plenty of helpful threads on the forum to help with the taking SG and stabilisers/clearing agents. Sorbate prevents the yeast multiplying so once the fermentable are gone...
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    Honey comparison…..

    Hi. I'm so envious that you have bees and glad you like the thread. Well done on your first experiment! Nothing you have said would concern me any so rest assured. Did you use bread yeast as prescribed by Jaom or a wine yeast? No biggy either way. The fruit will likely remain atop and not...
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    How to calculate for Chaptalization ? and other stuff

    Don’t overthink it Andy. Perhaps do what Stevieboy suggested then let Mother Nature do her thing 👍
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    How to calculate for Chaptalization ? and other stuff

    Good book. Don’t forget to post the finished product 😉 T
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    How to calculate for Chaptalization ? and other stuff

    Hi A Although my numbers were right I failed to recognise that you were starting out and apologise if I muddied the water. Your question on ABV was the very sort of puzzle I love hence getting so excited! That said, listen to all the advice about keeping things straight forward and measurable...
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    Elderflower with D47

    Did it work out? Never had a go at anything like that before, intrigued.....
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    50Lt Plum Wine just started

    Thought I'd check in to see how the ocean of fruit wine is coming along? I'm guessing it's bottled and awaiting some tasting??