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Jul 22, 2022
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Cowbit, Lincs
Right curiosity got the better of me and I went for it and purchased a Grainfather G40 in the black friday deals.

A couple of questions, can anyone recommend an off the shelf wheeled dolly for them? Ideally with locking castors / wheels.

Secondly, can anyone recommend a food grade bucket / tub / tray that I can land the grain basket into once sparged, and potentially collect the last bit of drained wort in and drop back into the grainfather? looking at it I think it would need to be 600mm diameter at the base.

Any recommendations for the above would be very welcome.
pumped boiler, these from amazon were perfe
ahh thanks, funny you should suggest these, I found and ordered something identical from amazon (probably out of the same factory)!

I like shallow 15l trugs for malt pipes (& baking)

A motorcycle jack makes a brilliant stand.


Cheers @MashBag , I found gorilla tubs do a shallow builder trug like you describe that is about 550mm wide, the grain basket in the G40 is about 470mm so should be ideal. Listed as food safe also (if you buy certain colours in the range).

I love the idea of the motorbike jack, but I have a ratchet pully for lifting the grain basket so I think height adjustment on the dolly wouldn't be much use for me, however with a BM if you don't have the wort pump device then it comes handy, you can pull the pipe with the BM low, then pump it high to get the tap over your fermentation vessel, and the controller is higher too then.
To get the most out of your grain absorption, place the basket over a bowl. Then with a full 20-litre pail of water place it over a sieve on top of the grain and press down as hard as you can. It will make a big improvement over the loss of liquor to grain.
For a couple of litres extra, the remaining dregs in the kettle are poured into a jug along with the trub put in the fridge to settle out, decant from the jug into a saucepan heat to 80C, cool and add to the fermenter or bottle hot and save.