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In 2019, a would-be thief approached a woman standing alone outside her home in Brazil.
The thief asked the woman for the time and then threatened her with a cardboard gun.
Unfortunately for the man, the woman he was attempting to steal from happened to be Polyana Viana, a professional MMA fighter.
Rather than surrendering her belongings, Polyana hit the thief with two punches and a kick.
The aspiring thief fell, and Polyana swiftly subdued him with a choke hold, detaining him until the police arrived.

I wish people today were aware of the put your foot on the crossing rule we have very narrow pavements here and on one crossing in town you never know if people are wanting to cross or are chatting, when stood close to the crossing, I have lost count of the number of times I have stopped just in case and they have walked off.
Ha! Brings back memories...as kids me and a mate would stand at the crossing,when the traffic stopped we would run off!
Hours of entertainment!

Almost as much fun as pressing the button at a pelican crossing then nipping across in a break in the traffic only for the lights to change and stop all the cars for no reason at all.

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