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This is the bike I got earlier this year. A Cotic Escapade. Reynolds 853 tubing. Bought as a rugged road bike. Very surprise at how well it rides actually....doesn't feel any less efficient or slower than my 'proper' carbon road bike. Lovey thing to ride. Seems like Steel certainly is real!!
Yes, steel is remarkably comfortable (mine are carbon or alu, I love the zing of aluminium).
Had a gravel ride this morning. Doing much more gravel these days. The BMC is a dream. Here it is at the remotest phone box in Wales, also sight of the I am a celebrity advert


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😹😹 last year not far from Altea, one of the climbs not sure which (Coll de rates) maybe, traffic was going that slow we were overtaking cars and camper vans too 🙄
Obvs going down other side 🚴 💨
Screw that, we were doing some rock climbing half way up on the right hand side and I suggested I could get dropped off since we had the bikes.
😹😹 Crazy ! That’s the climbing
Was doing some track stuff over in Spain 🇪🇸 and had few spare days so stayed in Falset had a wee wine tour round the vineyards and ended up at Suirana apparently quite famous for climbing 🧗‍♀️ did see a few people hanging around