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Default Sparkling mead

After a fun few weeks reading about all the things people like to ferment beyond my comfort zone of malt, I thought I'd have a go at a sparkling mead, nothing like starting simple!

750g honey - about 700g was Tesco finest orange blossom and topped up with regular. Dissolved in one litre of boiling water and cooled fairly quickly up to 4.5 litres. Pitched a Wilko ale yeast as I had a starting gravity of 1.050 I hoped this would cope (and they were sold out of wine yeast!) and also as it doesn't flocculate as much as wine yeast would retain just enough to carbonate.

I started it in my bucket rather than DJ and staggered my yeast nutrient, one quarter each at pitch, 24 hours and 48 hours then after a week I racked into a DJ and added the last nutrient.

Let it sit out in the shed for a couple of weeks and obviously it's been pretty cold. It was down to 1.002 and had a surprising amount of sparkle already. I primed at half my usual beer rate (I would prefer to use honey but I wanted to be sure what was going in) to hopefully be safe from bombs. Did one plastic bottle and it has carbed quite strongly in three days so I am wary. The bottles are safely in an outbuilding now with nothing else in there in case they do go pop. If not I'm looking forward to drinking the first quite soon but will let them condition a bit more if I can be patient. The tests I sampled are delicious, spritzy and dry but with a delicate flavour and a hint of the honey sweetness in the aroma. Safe to say I will not be giving up on these experiments!

Here is a picture of the DJ before bottling, really impressed with the clarity.
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Looks good and clear but I've found with my meads that they are best left to condition for months.

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i have a kilo of beautiful thai orange honey and a kilo of local honey any recipes for a luscious sweet honey tasting mead
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I did a similar sparkling Mead from Tesco orange blossom honey. I used 850g in 4.5L turned out tasty, with a nice orange honey flavour. Mine didn't carbonate but I was busy so think the wine yeast floculated to well and there wasn't anything in solution for carbonation.
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Drinking my first one tonight. Very tasty but also not particularly carbonated. I think too much of the yeast had dropped out which stopped it carbing. Happy though, it's delicious and light with a nice aroma
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that's impressive having a drinkable mead within a month. Mine normally take at least 6 months..though are heavier 14% types. I might try a lighter one next time as an experiment.
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