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    Keg Kingdom - Very poor Service!

    I‘ve not ordered from him but I did drive to his premises once to get some last minute yeast for a brew the next day. Got there and the place was locked up, called and was told he’d be there in a hour. I live about 40 minutes away there, so I hung around rather than drive home and back again. He...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    I’m off work until Tuesday so I’ve started with a simcoe pale and a two hearted clone. I’ve only got 3 bottles of each left so I bought a load of NEIPAS from Beer 52. I expect to beat that stash to death tonight.
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    I’ve neglected to oxygenate a couple of times, never noticed a difference in the finished beer to when I did the same recipe and oxygenated
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    Grainfather Strike Water?

    Came out 3 points higher, which I’m not too unhappy with. If the fermentation stays within bounds it should be 6.8%ish
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    I want to grow hops

    cant agree more, I’ve only got 2 plants and they produced enough for 1 whole brew last year! it’s pretty cool drinking your own hops though
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    Storing unopened/opened hops

    Always the freezer
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    Grainfather Strike Water?

    I’ve used a GF for a couple of years, for the first time today I followed the volume guidance from the app. Lesson learned! It came out 2l short. Not sure why I forgot all my previous knowledge!!! probably due to last nights DIPA consumption :laugh8:
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    Ingredients uk

    Not been able to get a Malt Miller order through :( Ordered from Dark Rock Brewing on Monday and delivery is tomorrow athumb..
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    First all grain brew.

    I’ve had similar amounts of burn in various kit over the years, it never seemed to impact the taste that I noticed. A good tip is to give it a stir a few times during the boil to stop it happening. I’ve not used Klarstein kit so not sure if the pre-boil cut out is a fault (?). What OG did you...
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    First time buyer!!

    Agree with Clint. I’ve never had a bad experience with Malt Miller, I’ve used them everything you can think of brew related. Love brewing and homebrewonline are always good value as well
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    Thinking of making a stout

    Last stout I did was the Boundary Export Stout recipe from CAMRA’s essential home brewing book. Haven’t got a bad word to say about it, just didn’t last as long as expected!
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    Free online course - Science of Brewing

    Great course, thanks for sharing. Here’s another one from You Tube-land which is fairly interesting, it consists of 70 short videos Janux: Chemistry of Beer
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    Chamomile Tea for Chamomile Flowers?

    Chamomile ‘tea’ is usually just chamomile flowers, so you’ll be good
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    New England Yeasts

    WLP4000, The Yeast Bay, I’ve had some good Neipas from it. But it’ll add a tenner to your costs. Malt Miller usually have it
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    what is the best beer you have ever tasted?

    Oakham Citra - I was a real ale drinker for years (20+) but it was this beer that moved me into ‘craft’. It changed my tastebuds. At the moment there’s two beers that are top of my list, Deya’s Steady Rollin Man and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale