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    UK Brew Clubs

    After reading all the various responses, I feel like I'm in the Woody Allen movie "Midnight in Paris", the ultimate in "The grass is always greener" mentality. Obviously our decisions will have far more to do with lifestyle than brew clubs and brewing water, but I enjoy asking the questions...
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    Got some Star San - am I doing this right?

    Yep, 1 minute, no rinse. Although I have to confess sometimes I spray and go...
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    UK Brew Clubs

    Thanks! It will be a few years before the move, but Manchester is one of the corners of the triangle we're currently leaning towards, with Leeds and Sheffield being the other two corners.
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    Got some Star San - am I doing this right?

    I can't speak to the ratio, I mix 5 gallons at a time, but as to the rest, yes. Do you have a pH meter to test your mix? if not, might be worth getting the distilled or RO to mix with, for peace of mind.
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    UK Brew Clubs

    Hello lads and ladies, I know this will sound a bit nuts, but bear with me. We're looking at moving to the UK to retire, haven't decided where, and are taking a ton of variables into account. One would be access to like-minded people when it comes to brewing. Where might I find the more active...
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    Is two bottles of wine night every other day too much?

    Depends. At home or at work?
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    Culturing Yeast

    This week I found it worked better than I expected. I was making a starter for a Sunday brew day, and I was distracted, and instead of pitching my vial into the 200ml starter, I dumped it into the 2L starter, skipping the intermediate step. After 48 hours I have just as much yeast slurry as I...
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    Power Converter for US kegerator

    I hadn't thought of changing out the compressor, so if, in the end, it gets fried, at least I might be able to replace it. I haven't had it since 1959, that's just when it was made. I found it for on Facebook Marketplace for .$75 . I had been looking for over a year for a vintage fridge that...
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    Potassium metabisulphate

    Just to be clear, kmeta and sorbate won't stop active fermentation, but will prevent it from restarting once it's done and you add a fermentable.
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    Where is the softest water?

    Because for 25+ years I've only used soft water and made additions. I'd love to get away with not changing any of my recipes and not buy RO water.
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    Where is the softest water?

    It just hit me today that if/when I move to the UK, I'll be giving up my nearly softest water in the world tapwater. So, if I want to keep my soft tapwater but live over there, what city/town/village should I be looking at?
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    Power Converter for US kegerator

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience using a US fridge in the UK? I'd like to not have to give up my Rosie the Kegerator if/when we move to the UK, but I understand that the power converter might still end up frying it. It's a 1959 General Electric. Oh, and I'm wondering now if I will even be...
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    Wheat grain

    Since it's not malted, you'd just have to gelatinize the wheat. Most folks say you should use a cereal mash, but I prefer just to precook the adjunct before I add it to the regular mash. Wheat gelatinizes at 51-60C. Crush it, cook it, add it to the mash. As long as you gelatinize it, you could...
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    What did you brew today?

    Today I brewed my first Graham Wheeler recipe, Fuller's Discovery. It was nice adapting the recipe to my system and efficiencies. I like Wheeler's approach to making these ales. Much more relaxed in some ways, pretty rigid in others. It's chilling now. Also kegged a Belgian Dubbel that I'm...