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  1. chillipickle

    Will Smith slap.

    Thankfully Ricky Gervais wasn't the host 😂 😂
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    R.I.P Thread.

    Awesome drummer rip!! Same as Garcia, a long time heroin user.
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    A blast from the past!!

    im sure this has been posted before, but still eh :)
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    A blast from the past!!

  5. chillipickle

    Picture or Video of the day.

    Never under estimate a donkey!!
  6. chillipickle

    Tobacco advertising.

  7. chillipickle

    Hazelwoods Beer Improvement Project

    I am still a complete noob at brewing, under 2 years, but the big improvement i made to my beer(all hoppy) is closed transfer via snubnose.Still so much to learn, even though doing water additionns.Need to get on RO water for another improvement.
  8. chillipickle

    When to bin hops

    I normally buy 4kg of different hops in 1kg bags from geterbrewd at a time (good saving). Vacuume pack them and store them in the freezer.6 months they are pretty much as fresh as when i packed them...
  9. chillipickle

    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    Smith needs to start playing or....bye bye £300k
  10. chillipickle

    Dry January 2022 ?

    No dry jan here....Rod get that brewzilla fired up :)
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    I remember back in 2016 when i got oculus rift vr, a few friends that never ever had played any kind of video games, was blown away by vr. There was one demo where you was stood on top of sky scraper in new york looking down, belive me it made your legs go like jelly, had a few ppl take the...
  12. chillipickle

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Hoping to get 1 final pint before the keg kicks, fingers crossed........cheers all acheers.
  13. chillipickle

    Prince Andrew accuser seeks evidence he could not sweat

    Not a thing will happen he has complete:-
  14. chillipickle

    Pitted Stainless Ferm

    Worth a try at a couple of quid.
  15. chillipickle

    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    Northern monk have put out some quality offerings this year imo. Fresh keg of talus ipa.