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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    I'm polishing off my first few (poor) attempts at AG ale that weren't bad enough to chuck out but aren't particularly good either. A medley of weak, insipid stuff: saison, porter and a Bohemian pilsner...:roll: I've got a 2 litre jug of last year's winterberry melomel for later this evening...
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    Flu vaccine

    I'm something of a medical marvel/sideshow freak in that I don't really get ill. I have had the flu twice in my 39 years, once in my late teens which rendered me out of action for three or four days and again a couple of years ago but I managed to still get on with stuff the last time...
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    When to Bottle

    I'm pretty sure that the yeast continues to metabolise other odds and ends present in the beer (that are better off, for one reason or another, not being left in there) after it's done with the fermentable sugars and that the two week 'rule' is just to be absolutely sure it's done. There are...
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    What did you brew today?

    I did a two gallon batch of red ale, just a simple red x and magnum SMaSH, I usually only do a gallon at a time but thought I'd experiment by doubling it... Turned out reasonably well but I had to spend about half an hour cleaning up afterwards, I think I'll stick to doing individual gallons in...
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    Healthy drinking

    Maybe the trick is, to widen the parameters of what exactly defines 'a beer', I only drink on Fridays so if I were to say that a 5 litre mini keg comprises of 1 beer (it is essentially just a big can of beer...right?) maybe I would look like a sensible drinker rather than such a raging...
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    What did you brew today?

    I had a second attempt at a Bohemian Pilsner today, pretty bog standard SMaSH (Weyermanns floor malted Bohemian Pilsner malt and Saaz), I'm sort of trying to create a Staropramen clone without actually putting too much effort into it. I only did a second batch (I bottled the first batch last...
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    Cooling on the cheap

    I use a few of those freezable gel pack things for cool boxes and chuck them in the kitchen sink full of water and let them float around outside the immersed pan of wort. Works pretty well, only takes a couple of sink fulls to get it down to fermentation temp.
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    All grain - dummy's guide

    I struggled with temperatures a lot, I'm only on my tenth AG brew at the moment and even then, I've only got the temp spot on at every step for the last three of those. That and sparging...should I? Shouldn't I? Hot? Cold? Baffling!
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    What did you brew today?

    I made a bit of a Frankenstein's monster today, I'd been reading on here about using cornflakes in beer so I took this to the logical conclusion and made a gallon of...something: 500g Pale Ale Malt 100g Tesco Rice snaps 100g Tesco Cornflakes 100g Tesco Malt wheats 100g Tesco organic oats 4g...
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    What type of wine cork?

    I've been using tapered corks for everything for a couple of years now (beer which I invariably store upright) and wine (mostly mead) which are almost all stored on their sides in racks, it was a bit hit and miss to begin with, finding the perfect cork that wouldn't simply work it's way out and...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    I'm drinking an Earl Grey Cyder (yes, the 'y' is intentional, since it's all apple juice and no added water) and to be honest, I'm pleasantly surprised. I made this on the recommendation of a friend, I don't usually drink cider/cyder but this isn't half bad, only been in the bottle for ten...
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    My attempt at a gallon of mead failed! Why?

    I always chuck a tablespoon of dried mixed fruit in there, it works well every time.
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    What did you brew today?

    A gallon of Saison! At least, from the research I've done, I think that's what this is: 45 min mash 45 min boil 750g Table malt 100g Wheat malt 50g Munich malt 10g Fuggles @ 45 mins 10g EKG @ 5 minutes CML Lille Saison yeast OG 1.040 FG 1.013 ABV 3.5% EBC 10.6 IBU 27
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    Other hobbies

    I used to be obsessively into that stuff as a kid, I collected all the Space Marine (Dark Angels) stuff, I'm pretty sure I had a good percentage of the games workshop catalogue in various states of painted/not painted/couldn't work out the colour scheme so just did whatever, dotted around my...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020.

    I'm sampling my first three AG brews (they've all been in the bottle for a little over two weeks, a blonde ale, an oatmeal stout and a bit of a mish-mash of a 'light' ale) and all was going rather well until I rounded it off with a couple of bottles of Coopers Innkeepers Daughter (the last kit I...