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    Corny Kegs Promotion - 19 litre,12 litre,9.5litre & 6.5 litre

    Nice one thanks for letting us know your happy with the quality
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    Corny Kegs Promotion - 19 litre,12 litre,9.5litre & 6.5 litre

    We landed a decent size stock of these to run the promo and still have good stock levels atm so your safe to wait for a while
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    Is there enough yeast in the Crisp lager AG kit from GEB?

    Hey, we did alot of testing on these recipes working closely with Crisp Malt & Lallemand and found a single pack was plenty for this brew, lagers/pilsens tend to need a little more time generally so need to panic. Hope that helps Jonathan
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    Corny Kegs Promotion - 19 litre,12 litre,9.5litre & 6.5 litre

    Hey We have 4 sizes of brand new premium quality corny kegs in stock and we have added a hefty discount on them You can find them in our kegging section online https://www.geterbrewed.com/complete-keg-sets-and-accessories/ Thanks Jonathan
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    Vegan Homebrewing

    Andrzej one of our team at Geterbrewed is Vegan and is very passionate about it, our online homebrew store is constantly getting enquiries about vegan homebrewing so we asked Andrzej to do a quick video explaining what to look our for as a Vegan homebrewer. If you need help making your...
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    New Aussie Flavour Hop ⁠ - Eclipse Hops

    This is exciting for us to receive this hop as we visited the farm in Australia with Simply Hops during harvest 2019 and got to talk to the breeder and immerse ourselves in sensory experience of hop selecting in the hop breeding garden⁠. We are proud to offer the full Hop Products Australia...
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    Ferminator Launch at Geterbrewed

    Hey Guys, It's been so busy recently we haven't had a chance to post much here but we've managed to do a quick unboxing video of the Ferminator to show you the product in a little more detail if you want to take a look. Thanks Jonathan Search results - Homebrew Shop | Beer & Wine Kits |...
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    Get 'er Brewed AG kits

    Hey Guys No need to worry we have just switched off a large range of recipe kits to allow the staff to get caught up on back orders, with all this talk of another lockdown we have experienced a huge spike in orders, the team are now well caught up and we hope to have them switched back on later...
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    Geterbrewed payment problems

    Thanks for your concern and post. In our experience 99% of these problems are encountered with an incorrect input into one of the fields and it triggers an error message. We have asked our website co ordinator to run some checks regardless. We are seeing a large influx of orders and they have...
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    Get 'er Brewed Bohemian Pilsner kit

    Hi, Thankyou all for your valuable comments and feedback. Please know we are actioning the upgrade of our instructions, you will see we launched the Crisp Recipes with new one page documents that are on each individual recipe. The impact of covid caused unprecedented demand on our team and not...
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    Ferminator Launch at Geterbrewed

    Hey see the link here: Ferminator expansion - Get Er Brewed
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    Ferminator Launch at Geterbrewed

    What size is it please?
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    Buying recipe kits from GEB

    Hey, We are currently experiencing a few glitches with the custom grain kit service, rather than waste time fixing these we have pushed ahead with a complete rebuild and upgrade of this price of software. Its a complicated beast and we have constantly improved it but each piece of software seems...
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    Beacon Brewster 40 - All in one brewing system promo at Geterbrewed

    Beacon Brewster 40 All in one homebrewing system for all grain brewing your own craft beers. Not only are they incredible value but we are now offering a FREE Copper wort chiller to make it even better. GEB do the best value deals on the homebrew market this system is highly recommended by...
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    Ferminator Launch at Geterbrewed

    First up we introduce the Ferminator Basic Ferminator ensures fermentation at a precise and stable temperature. At room temp. (20°) the Ferminator can lower the temp. to 0° and raise it to 50°*. The Ferminator makes is possible to ferment at the precise desired temperature. For example, it is...