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    An amateur's keezer

    Should have seen me trying to get the collar to sit square!
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    An amateur's keezer

    There seems to have been a glut of keezer/ kegerator posts recently and having previously been put off by a complete lack of practical skills I had not considered it. Anyway suddenly realised actually I have nearly all the parts some of which are not being used so let's give it a go. I'm quite...
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    Bakers yeast alcohol tolerance

    Article 2 definition of a spirit drink: it is intended for human consumption; (b) it possesses particular organoleptic qualities; (c) it has a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 15 %, except in the case of spirit drinks that comply with the requirements of category 39 of Annex...
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    Bakers yeast alcohol tolerance

    See my previous post in this thread - they do not meet legal definition of spirits in the first place so as you are not producing spirits this guidance would be irrelevant.
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    Bakers yeast alcohol tolerance

    I am not a lawyer but if you trace back through the legislation then looking at it I think it might turn on the definition of "spirit" which is derived from EU law. See Article 2 of this : Concentrating by freezing would...
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    Higher OG and lower FG?

    Might be a trick of the light but it that is your FG sample looks higher than 1.005?
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    Eat out to help out discount scheme

    Every participating restaurant where I live in Beckenham packed to the rafters to the point that without a booking we struggled to find a table. The shortage of spaces was exacerbated by the fact that many other restaurants who have registered for the scheme did not open because Monday is their...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Looks like a Tony Laithwaite special
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    Eat out to help out discount scheme

    Was meant to be going to Greece yesterday but canned it in the end so as we would have been eating out of a night am going to go out for lunch or dinner every day the offer is on and try and get round most of the local restaurants. It will basically be £40 off each meal for us.
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    Dont know anything about it but spelling looks like it is Kilju
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    Mystery seed packages

    Mrs ordered some seeds and they came described as earrings on outside packaging. I assumed it was to circumvent customs rules prohibiting importation of seeds, agricultural samples, etching. Not sure what we ordered that you couldn't get in Dobbies mind.
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    Shank Compatibility

    That seems to be the case with mine too. My original flow control taps came on a slow boat from China complete with 2" shanks via eBay IIRC. At some point I ordered longer shanks probably also ebay and as these fit ok didn't give it a second thought. It's only now that I am having a go at a...
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    Shank Compatibility

    Hi All Does anyone know anything about the compatibility of shank with different taps? I have a Krome dispense stout tap from Brew UK and need a longer shank. I assumed they would be universal but noticed that the shank I bought for my regular taps are different and don't fit the stout one...
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    Calcium Reducing Solution?

    CRS is carbonate reducing solution generally used to reduce alkalinity.
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    Starting all grain brewing after 45 years rest. Aiming for a Hophead style ale.

    The Amarillo is a misprint and they don't dry hop. I've done quite a bit of research see my post earlier in this thread.