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    • Ninja7
      Ninja7 replied to the thread Belguim blonde.
      Is the malt miller one for normal zot tho not the blonde one . Would mouterij dingermans pilsner be a good base malt where its belguim...
    • Ninja7
      Hi there has anyone got a close recipee for brugse zot blond Or duvel Was gona make a duvel but iv got 2 packs of m41 yeast laying...
    • Ninja7
      Ninja7 replied to the thread Festbier.
      Lol i do same try plan delivery around wifes work days Anyway i made my first october festbeer last year with wyeast 2633 octoberfest...
    • Ninja7
      Ninja7 replied to the thread First timer advice on heatpads.
      Hi there when i first started out i used the coopers european lager beer kit and the 46 days pilsner kit .. Pritty sure its proppa...
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