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    Covid - Plan B

    Looks like the government are all but ruling out any future lockdowns (not surprising or they would have extended furlough again) and are saying its not the time for plan B at least at the moment.
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    Co2 bottle, advice please

    I'm not sure but I think the green band means its 70/30, if you want to use it you need a regulator, if you get a CO2 regulator in will not fit on a 70/30 or any mixed gas regulator so its any easy way to tell.
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    Trump v Biden.

    When dealing with China, ISIS etc a harmless old fool can do worse than a devil.
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    Cask conditioning

    Are you using a standard 9 gallon firkin? Are you using finings? Are you priming with sugar?
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    Has anybody already started to have problems with CO2 supply or price hikes

    Mine went up by £1 per bottle but I think that happened 6 months ago. What do hospitals use it for?
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    Just to show the correlation between vaccines and cases. Its far from exact though. Vaccines 2nd dose Cases
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    Just a few observations from looking at the case and vaccination map here As expected the worst cases seem to be in areas where vaccinations are lower and densely populated cities seem to have a much lower vaccine rate than...
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    Things to ponder with concern regarding the future

    Compressed CO2 would be much better, it compresses far better than air
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    hops question

    The times are before the end of the boil (or how long you boil it) so challenger as soon as it starts to boil and 1st gold 80 mins later or 10 mins before you turn it off.
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    Covid the jab and the final stage.

    This update is worth a watch What they don't specifically say (but I can't see how what they do says makes sense otherwise) is pretty much everyone will get exposed to an infectious dose (many multiple times) before we reach a level of herd immunity sufficient to get the R no below 1. I don't...
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    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    Cheers for all the replies especially those that disagree with me. I would add that avoiding tax legally or otherwise not only has nothing to do with this video but also has nothing to do with capitalism. McDonalds is an interesting structure as its mainly (possibly 100% I don't know)...
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    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    In this country the NHS decides what the pay of a doctor is (at least most of the time) not the free market. I also would say that I agree the fault of a bad mechanic could cause a bigger single incident but a bad doctor would cause more death over time. Also this has nothing/little to do with...
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    Is capitalism exploiting you?

    Here's the video saying it is: Here's my response: The employee is exploiting the capitalist's capital to maximise the value of there labour which would be worthless without the capitalists money/capital that they had to risk and likely alot of there own labour which they have not yet got any...
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    Joke of the day.

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    Soft drinks in a keg

    I don't know but I suspect there is something very different between a beer tap and a soft drink tap that is causing the issue.