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  • sandy

    I do apologise, I sent a message this morn which im assuming didn't go through as ive just sent another to you with an error saying too many words? I think its due to carrying on with the same thread too long.

    Anyway, 3rd time lucky.

    ive given in to persuasion and bought a 12l pot from wilko sat. so im hoping the last message you sent still has some relevance to how I still go about the partial mash. im assuming I can try doing it on a larger scale now?

    could you send me links to the BIAB bags, as everytime I try theyre including the kettle!

    would the above thermometer be ok for the boil? its cheap as chips but need ur opinion first.

    also, have you a landline? I get free calls, and nearer Saturday ill prob need a few pointers if im unsure

    Hope this goes through this time!
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