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    What do I need for a Corny keg setup

    This will work to attach your S30 bottle to a corny keg Cornelius Keg S30 Gas Adaptor
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    Calling those fermenting under pressure!

    I like using these from brew2bottle £50. Good as you can see exactly what is happening. I have 17L of Golden ale using Wyeast London 111 and pressure is about 10psi. This is day 5
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    Mini Kegs

    Good to find another local brewer, definitely will meet when some sort of normality returns, maybe split orders of ingredients etc. Sounds like you keep a good selection of fresh yeasts. I've been in all the good places you mention and looking forward to revisiting some soon.
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    Mini Kegs

    Hi Galena, I got my CO2 6kg bottle from gas & hire limited in Chesterfield (they are also in Sheffield) £50 deposit and £16.20 fill inc. VAT. Lasts ages even with all the kegs I have. I also have a bottle on loan from my local landlord, I give him £10 when I need another full bottle
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    Lemon drop hops

    I've just made a brew using these hops this week. First time trying them so it will be a few weeks to see how it comes out. Made mine with Europlils malt and a bit of light Munich. I have had them about a year unopened, bought them after having a pint of Lemondrop pale that was on tap briefly at...
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    Anna's Brewdays

    I got the same filler from Ali Express earlier this year, not so cheap now you have to pay 20% VAT on the item and 20% VAT on shipping cost which is added on before the item is sent. Depends on the exchange rate on the day, mine came out at £37.38 inclusive but arrived in 8 days
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    Portable options for serving from a keg

    You can get a similar cornelius keg adapter that uses an S30 HB bottle to top up. I got mine from Lovebrewing but currently they are showing as out of stock
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    FOR SALE new iSpindels fully build and tested £30

    I will take the last one if its still available, thanks
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    Best place to order wine kits?

    I ordered 3 kits from Lovebrewing with free delivery, ordered Saturday and it was delivered by courier on Monday
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    Fermzilla lid

    Had mine 18 months and it's still stiff, I guess it shows it's a good seal. I put fingers behind the neck and push the posts with my thumbs and it eventually unseals
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    What size gas tank

    I have a 6kg bottle, 6 gas lines and 4 cornys usually connected all the time. We get through about 1 keg a week and my current gas bottle is still going after more than 5 months. Previously a bottle only lasted 1-2 months until I re-did all my connectors and pipes so I guess I don't have any...
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    Foul stinking stuff especially when you encounter it in American airports and in cinemas