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    • Spike.
      Spike. replied to the thread Cashless pub..
      I run a small business. Should a customer pay cash, I have to drive to my bank, now a 30 mile return drive, pay in, which costs me £0.95...
    • Spike.
      Spike. replied to the thread Re-using yeast from current brew.
      I have been using some 013 London yeast which was given to me in the days of Covid. I use it whenever I brew my bitter beers. I treat it...
    • Spike.
      Spike. replied to the thread Chip pan..
      You have not had roasted potatoes unless you have tasted them parboiled then roasted in lard. Fried eggs cooked in beef dripping. Matzo...
    • Spike.
      Good solidly made. The airlock makes it too tall for one of my fermenting fridges, but if you are aware of this it is not a problem. I...
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