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  • Hi Steve
    Can you please check this for me and let me know if Im on the right track or a million miles away. Your assistence on this matter will be very much appreciated.
    Based on a 23 litre batch. Salt additions.
    Gypsum 1 gram = 10 ppm calciumand 24 ppm sulphate
    Chloride 1 gram = 11 ppm calcium and 21 ppm chloride
    Epsom 1 gram = 5 ppm magnesium and 15 ppm chloride
    Salt 1 gram = 17 ppm sodium and 26 ppm chloride
    Hi Steve just wanted to say thanks I have learnt loads form your posts, I have read your grainfather and water guide countless times. Thanks for the help.
    Hi Steve.Re secret santa,
    I am afraid that i will be unable to sample the beer sent to me until after 9 th jan.Have been having problems with prostate and have had spells off the booze. Was taken to hospital today as i was i so much pain,been there bloody hours. Have been sent home with co dydramol tablets,enough to get me through to an appointment with urologist on the 9th.In short i am to stay off of alcohol until then. I can get my lad or my son in law to sample the beer over xmas and report to me or if the sender is happy i can postpone the report and sample it myself once i have been seen,although i depends on what is done or not at the time.
    Perhaps you can enquire with the sender as to what they would like me to do.
    Rather go through yourself as against posting my woes up on the forum,last ways until the sender has agreed to what they would prefer i do.
    Bloody dry xmas:twisted:
    Hi Steve from your posts I see your a bit of a water guru I need a bit of advice on brewing a stout. Basically a while ago I asked a question on here about sodium carbonate/bicarb. I don't know how to put a link to it but the thread was called (sodium carbonate or bicarbonate of soda). Be a big help if you could have a look at it for me cos I'm busting to get a stout on.
    Thanks Aaron.
    hi steve

    could you give me a rough grams guide to how much grains to use for this partial mash im attempting tomorrow with the 1.7kg coopers stout

    im thinking for the mash
    MO 150g
    TW 100g
    cold steep
    roasted barley 40g (could I up this?)
    crystal 100g
    choc 100g

    for the boil
    DME (dark) 500g
    dark brown sugar 300g
    (Including the MO and TW)

    batch: 21 liters

    Does this look ok? I took into myquls account black/roasted similar so left the black out
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