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  1. Bootcutboy

    Should I juice or blend fruit for adding to secondary fermentation?

    Howdy all I have some blackberries and limes that I want to add to a cider kit at secondary fermentation Later today, I will be syphoning into another FV to get rid of the sediment before adding the fruit and popping back in the beer fridge. My question is Should I be straining and adding just...
  2. Bootcutboy

    Getting the best out of Magnum Strawberry Cider kit

    Hi folks, I managed to get hold of a couple of the magnum strawberry cider kits for £8ea and was looking on here for some advice brewing them, it would seem by most comments they are not the nicest kits to say the least. I have got a brew fridge set up, I would expect that would help a bit...