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  1. Ajdpilot

    Beer engine with corny setup questions

    Hi Brewers, So I've just bought myself a nice new beer engine and was wondering about peoples experiences. My goal (as probably with most of us) is to mimic that perfect pub pulled pint as closely as possible but trying to prolong life for normal home drinking rather than the high turnover of...
  2. P

    Priming and Carbonation

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to homebrewing and even newer to the forum! I've bottled a couple of brews and made sure ~3g of priming sugar was in each bottle and I've been a bit underwhelmed by the carbonation. I've been opening a bottle every 3 days since bottling to see how it's going on and I'm a...
  3. woody1959

    Force carbonating.

    What exactly is it? and how do you do it, lets assume 20L cider, a 19L corny keg with sodastream co2
  4. beerlad

    Woodfordes Wherry Kit straight to Corny Keg from FV ?

    I have been storing and serving beer at home for some time using Corny Keg in a modified domestic fridge and Co2 linked to a hand pull and it's been great to have hand pull beer always available. I now want to take the next step and start brewing kits rather than get it straight from the...
  5. reeshar

    Fermenting in a corny

    Looking for advice, I'm setting up a kegerator in a wardrobe in my bedroom and want to use it for fermentation, but limit or remove the smell issue. I was thinking of using one 19L corny to ferment in, with the CO2 produced by fermentation going into a second 19L corny. I'd then be able to vent...
  6. Ghillie

    Soda Stream Cylinder

    Anyone know where these can be sourced cheap? Planning taking two cornies to a work do later in the year as I don't really want to fill 60+ bottles from them. My CO2 tank is quite large and cumbersome so I'd rather leave that at home. I was thinking a soda Stream cylinder would be portable...
  7. Ghillie

    BOC CO2

    Hello everyone, Would like to know if anyone has the 3.15kg CO2 cylinder from BOC? I plan on (hopefully) finding an undercounter fridge than can hold two 19L cornies and the CO2 cylinder. Does anyone...