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Jun 11, 2020
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After an 8 month hiatus in my brewing (no specific reason, just failed to make the time), I’ve put a massive order in with THBC and taken advantage of their 25% off offer.

I’ve ordered an American amber ale mash kit, a sack of crushed pale malt, a selection of crystal & roasted malts and some different hops.

Combined with the hops I’ve got in my freezer and the sachets of CML yeast in my fridge this should see me through a fair few brews.

I’ve ordered 100g each of Jester & Olicana as I’ve wanted to try these for a while, if anyone’s got any good recipes they’ve brewed I’d be grateful for a recommendation 👍🏻

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a brew on this weekend if my order arrives in time.
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My order hasn’t arrived, and I’ve been really looking forward to getting a brew on tomorrow.

I’ve got half a sack of Crisp ale malt that’s been opened nearly a year, a load of mixed hops in freezer and a selection of CML yeast sachets in the fridge.

The malt has been stored in the sack with the top rolled down, but it smells okay and tastes fine, so I am interested in whether or not this can still make a nice beer. The plan is a SMASH beer with El Dorado (I’ve got no other grains!).

Best case is that it will be a decent beer, worst case it goes down the drain- but the malt was going in the bin anyway and the time isn’t an issue as I am looking forward to a brew day. Therefore I have nothing to lose by trying this.

Recipe is:

23L batch, with approx 70%BHE:
1.048 OG
1.009 FG

5kg Crisp ale mashed for 1h @65C

30min boil:
12g El Dorado @30m
20g El Dorado @5m
30g El Dorado hop stand

50g El Dorado dry hop.

Ferment with Atlantic @19C

It may be nice, it may be be terrible. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks
That will be nice. I would have used 4kg, not 5 as this is a smash. I have found it gives a better hop expression. El Dorado is a bit fruity.

Never used Atlantic

I think you will be pleased.
Mash and sparge done.

Just coming up to the boil now.

Pre boil gravity is bang on prediction, although volume is about 1l short.

1.048 should have been post boil gravity not pre boil. I’ve fixed it with the last runnings from the malt pipe
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