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We have led lights, to help out over the winter. JUST had some news that some commercial birds have come up for rehoming next month. Not quite what I had in mind but...

I've only extended the days with growers. Lights on in the morning. Does mean they have an early start, but then they all get up to the roost in the evening as it gets dark and go to bed same time as everyone else. Teenagers!
JUST had some news that some commercial birds have come up for rehoming next month. Not quite what I had in mind but...
We've had a few ex-commercial hens in the past. They always lay really well, but don't seem to live as long as birds bought at POL...
That is true.
Commercial hens will have laid over 300 Eggs 1st year, by the time you get it, perhaps 450 odd. Some units retained them until the 2nd molt.

So yes will be a good home layer and will eat less - being smaller - than some of the "Medium Sized" Sussex / Merans

I keep Speckled Sussex, Cream Legbar and Vorwerk breeds with some shetland cross/Isa Brown (commercials)

The shetland cross lay 6 eggs a week (ish). Eggs develop in about 26 hrs - hence the 6 eggs a week.
The pure breeds are about 4 to 5 per week.

The Speckled Sussex is my biggest bird - meat/eggs - bit lazy so eats a lot.. The Cream Legbars and Vorwerks are lite and good foragers so eat less feed as do the shetlands.
We often have a brown Warren type. Good layers and they seem very happy girls too. I think the eggs come from France (and that's the root of the problem)
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Unlike Shetlands - Half of which have tufty heads, Give the evil eye if you go near them, sneak off and nest under a bush, and then don't show up for bed time!!

Spent over an hour last finding Goldie. Nest with 15 eggs under the bedroom window :mad:
I Keep Lohmann, Sussex and Welsummer, plus a friendly Welsummer cockerel (Eric) who doesn’t perform! He damaged a ligament in his leg which took 3 months of nursing so that he could walk again, but he is still a bit lame. He comes from show stock and I have got quite attached to him. We eat about 8 eggs a day, I sell a few £1.50per 1/2 doz and I water glass some so that I have plenty for winter.
We tried liming and oiling, and settled on led lights. It seems better for the girls too.. For the last 2 years avian flu has kept them cosy inside and they love it... And continue laying.

We also ran out of jars & space 😬😬