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Decided that I just needed a Raw Ale in my life again... Shorter brew day, less items to clean, fast turn around, lower cost to brew... Not really seeing a down side here...

But I need it to be a little diffident then I normally do, why not take one of my favorite recipes and just not boil it or chill, that ought to work right?

This beer is called: I Don't Care

Grab a cold one and let's find out!

Cheers Y'all!

Having brewed pretty much the same brew both Boiled and Raw fermented out with the same starting gravity and finishing gravity...

What's the difference? Let's find out!

I was lucky enough to sit down with my very good friend Ramon with Venture Brewing to talk about Latin American brewing styles. We only went over and tested a few but want an experience!

How well did some of the brews form the channel do on a competition circuit and compared to BJCP standards, Let's talk about it!

We are going to go over the good, the bad, and maybe even the misunderstood.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am lucky to have friends like Ramon from Venture Homebrewing, being as lucky as I am he invited me over for a brew day earlier this year for this beer.

I wanted to take the time and share this with all of you!


I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with a good friend and fellow brew club member Randy Daily. We talked about some of the mind sets and helpful tips for people interested in entering homebrew competitions.

In this episode we talk about how to enter, what you should be doing during and after entering. Some pointers where to find further information and resources. What items and process that will start you down a good path as a starting point.

Homebrew competitions and competing is a large subject, and this is just a starting point, be sure to check back in later for another episode hopefully covering a move deep dive.

In my quest to brew categories and styles that I haven't done before and finding the BJCP Historical Style Guidelines interesting I decided to make an attempt at brewing a Lichtenhainer.