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Mar 17, 2013
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Ulverston Cumbria.
As the forum title description says it is a private area for supporting members, normal forum rules apply but a little leeway might be allowed for certain topics if agreed before posting.

Search engine bots and non-supporting members cannot see the content of the forum so nothing posted will appear in any searches engine results.

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Here at The Homebrew Forum we strive to provide a friendly and technical oriented community with limited advertising that works towards our hobby and passion. The The Homebrew Forum Supporting Membership program provides the much needed funds to cover all the expenses it takes to keep this great website running. We rely on this program to keep the lights running and highly appreciate your support!

The Homebrew Forum Supporting Membership Benefits

  • Access to active private forum for Supporting Members only.
  • Post & thread editing time increases to one month.
  • Recognition of your Supporting Member status.
  • The ability to post in Classifieds without waiting.
  • The ability to turn off advertisements.
  • Unlimited private message space.
  • Unlimited file attachment space.
  • Unlimited gallery space.
  • The satisfaction that you are supporting The Homebrew Forum's future and it's role within the hobby as a library of knowledge and community.
Not open for further replies.