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Sold SS Brewtech Brew Bucket Brew Master Edition 26l (7 US Gallons) with domed lid and Inkbird

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Jun 19, 2015
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26l (7 US Gallon) SS Brewtech Brew Master Edition Brew Bucket conical stainless steel fermenter, this is the version with the thermowell.

Comes with the following.

Original flat lid.

Aftermarket domed lid with 1.5" triclamp port for blow off/pressure transfers

2 x lid seals.

TC clamp and TC fitting with barb for blow off tube/pressure transfers, spare TC gasket.

2 lengths of platinum cured silicon tubing for blow off and racking arm.

Unused Inkbird 308 temperature controller. Add a Freebay fridge and tube heater and you're ready to go.

Bag of spares including PRV, o-rings for racking arm and thermowell, and silicon bungs for airlocks for original and domed lids.

Listed without the digital thermometer. Will include if I can find it, but have used the Inkbird probe in the thermowell so have had no use for it.

Looking for £175. There's c£300 worth of kit here, so I think it's a good deal.

Will be sent in original box. Would prefer collection, just off the M23 near Gatwick, but can send with Parcelforce Express48 service for £10.70.

Will even give it a nice clean on the outside with Barkeepers Friend. Have made a start and looks as good as new.

Fermenter - 7 gal | Brew Bucket Brewmaster Edition

Domed lid - Lid | Domed with 3” TC (link is to lid with 3" TC, rather than 1.5", but are otherwise the same)

Inkbird 308 - Temperature Controller ITC-308


All the gubbins.


In use, I use a soda bottle filled with Co2 during cold crash.


Opened box to take the picture
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