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Default Chapman Thermobarrel

Just came across this and liking the look of it a lot.

Any had any experience of this and seen them in the UK?

Or an alternative Mash tun they can recommend


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Hmmmm. Seems a hell of a lot to pay for something that can't be used for anything other than mashing grain!

Personally I'm happy with my home-made Mash Tun and separate Boiler but if I was considering spending that amount of money I would be looking at adding something to it and going for a Grainfather or Braumeister.


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That looks well built. You can buy thermo pots in the UK but i went off the idea when i found out about recirculating systems as you cant step mash very easily.

Correction. There is a port for recirculating on the chapman barrel but you would have to be able to heat the pot.
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buy a thermopot from the seller of them, email for a price

10 US gallons id only 37litres, i use a couple of 80l thermopots, which cost circa ��£100 each..

fitting a bottom drain is easy with the right tools, a 20mm qmax punch for neat drain hole, an angle grinder to chop down SS fittings, and a belt sander to grind down the last few mm of SS fittings.. ��£50 should buy the bits needed for a simple bottom drain. 1/2" skin fitting , 90 degree elbow, barrell nipple and valve..

and a cut to size perforated SS false bottom should come in at less than ��£50 too though its been a while since i put mine together ..

its an easy job the pita aspect is grinding down the fittings to fit within the base void.
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Just ordered the 50l thermo pot
93 Euros delivered to the UK
All I need now is the tools for the bottom drain
Anyone got a link to the perfect false bottom for this.
Also any tools floating around on the forums here. I see other forums are sharing tools.
Unfortunately the last user has gone underground.
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