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    Famous and great pictures.

    Martin Parr has produced some great work in his time. I like Weegee's work too. And of course anything from the Magnum agency is well worth a look at.
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    How to brew lagers?

    How do you collect store and use rainwater? We have very hard water here and might give this a go.
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    How to brew lagers?

    Do you force carbonate when bottling, or add more priming solution? I've got a sparkling ale on the go and will have to bottle it, but am worried that after about four weeks in the fermenter, there won't be enough yeast left to carbonate.
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    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

    Anything on the This is Money website should be taken with a pinch of salt. It's owned by the company which publishes The Daily Mail, a publication so unreliable Wikipedia has banned it quotation as a source.
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    New phone time!

    I'd forgotten about Quidco. I've never used it (I think you have to pay), but I can recommend Top Cashback
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    New phone time!

    I've never had a problem with Giffgaff pay monthly. Apple I'm not that impressed with. I had two iPhone 4's, both of which were given to me when people upgraded their phones. The fact Apple are so controlling and iTunes made me want to shove them up Steve Job's ar*e. When the last one got too...
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    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

    Unless generated from waste, biofuel is not the answer. An awful lot of people in the world die of hunger and malnutrition. Growing food cheaply in the third world (which is what will happen), shipping them across the world only to burn them here will make matters worse.
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    Ban on new petrol and diesel cars in UK from 2030 under PM's green plan

    The fact of the matter is it needs to happen as the planet is already screwed. There are too many of us using too many resources. Whether change should be consumer and industry led or or government led is tricky. Other countries have already made the announcement. This seems to be one of those...
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    All in one - vs - 3v?

    Pint Inspector hit the nail on the head there. In hobbies on general (though I have to say I've not encountered much in homebrewing) there seems to be arguments and sootiness about which kind of equipment is 'best'. This generally is a d*ick swinging contest. 'The best' system or method boils...
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    How to increase volume without more kit

    All I can remember from when The Brewing Network discussed it was that it wasn't at all straightforward. Adding all the boiling hops sounds like a good start. Have you searched the internet to see if any craft brewers do it? To be honest, I'd have thought if it was an easy thing to do with the...
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    FV - Siphon or Tap

    You'd get lots of oxidation. I'd highly recommend a bottling wand. They're not too expensive and a great investment.
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    FV - Siphon or Tap

    I never used to have a problem with syphoning, but it was always a bit of a faff until I discovered no-rinse sanitisers. However, my girlfriend decided to have a go at making wine and bought a kit which included fermenting bins with taps and a bottling wand. The bottling wand is a great invention.
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    Sanitiser help

    Definitely no rinse sanitiser. Why waste time, money, water and possible risk of contamination with rinsing? I'm seriously thinking of Star San, but at the moment I use 1.25ml Videne/Iodophor with 1 teaspoon citric acid diluted with 1 litre of water. This can be sloshed around or sprayed and has...
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    AG Cooler requirements

    Exactly. The counterflow chiller that comes with the Grainfather is for cooling the wort, a glycol chiller is for controlling the temperature of the fermenter. You mentioned shelf coolers. I'd say steer clear of them as they're massively inefficient In terms of efficiency only, Grainfather's...