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    I can't seem to brew!

    Make an immersion chiller. All you need is a roll of cooper tube, something to wind it round to create a coil, some compression fittings and spanner (adjustable will do) and some hosepipe. Go to a plumber's merchant though, somewhere like B&Q will charge you a fortune. There are lots of plans...
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    Lost Breweries

    Ushers of Trowbridge was my local brewery whenI was growing up. I used to hate the smell. And the smell from Bowyers pie and sausage factory. You seemed to gett different smells on different days of the week. Ushets became part of Watney Mann Trumans, then Grand Met. When it all went wrong...
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    Bland Beer

    Water treatment is a really complicated subject I consider to be a 'dark art' and am not looking forward to getting to grips with. Try the easy and cheap things first You said: Respected homebrewer and author Graham Wheeler says in his book Brew Your Own Real Ale: "beer should be matured for...
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    Do you feed ducks bread?

    As geigercntr said, the issue isn't particulary with it being bad for ducks Just because we did it as children, doesn't mean we should do it. Doctors used to say smoking was good for you...
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    Shower head for rinsing

    I agree with Clint. If it's for sanitising, no rinse is the way to go. I use videne and citric acid. It cuts down on the amount of time, effort and water it takes to do anything and you don't risk reinfecting from rinse water or taps.
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    Can I bottle without a bottling wand?

    Didn't your syphon hose come with a tap? Try to find something that is strong enough to pinch the hose shut rather than cutting up your syphon hose.
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    The Coronavirus thread.

    I had the same thing in November last year. Not for three weeks though. It did occur to me to see how long I could not drink for (that's how I managed to give up smoking), but a world without beer is just too boring to contemplate. What made it doubly scary was the fact I'd just bought a...
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    Another Lockdown New-brewer

    I sometimes feel a bit sorry for people who post thinking brewing is quick and easy. Also those who ask on brewing forums (not necessarily this one) for recipes for Fosters/Carling etc and receive the digital equivilant of laughter and chips thrown at them. They get scared off, never to return...
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    Time to make alcohol!?

    The issue is not whether you are procucing spirits or not. It is illegal to produce alcohol over a certain ABV without a licence. I think that ABV IS 21% in the UK. There's probably a formula/online calculator that will tell you how much water freeze distilling will remove, but if you got it...
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    Lager-like ale

    A grommet and a cup-type airlock every time. If you can't find a fenrmenting bin with a grommet, grommets are pennies on Ebay and you can drill a hole in the lid The S type airlocks are a pain in the a**e to clean and have difficulty getting the two water levels equal. Yes, there are breweries...
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    Carrot Wine

    I seem to remember wine is best aged in bulk as it's easier to keep at the right temperature. Store covered or in a dark place
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    How to build a cool box mash tun

    Have you made sure the flexible pipe is for drinking (potable) water?
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    Fury v Wilder 2

    Haha. I don't follow boxing at all and am definitely not a fan of Fury as a human being, but maybe if Wilder concentrated on boxing than donning ridiculous costumes he might have won. If the costume was foisted upon him as part of a contract he should lodge a complaint with the board of control...
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    Poll - Who Racks off Beer to a Second FV

    Ahahaha. I've just realised I never have. I was muddling up secondary fermenter and bottling bucket. Which shows hong long it is since I've done it. Everything else I said stands though.