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    Container for no chill brewing

    I also make small batches 1 to 2 gallons, when time is tight I let it cool in a 16 litre bucket with tap overnight, then let that empty into same size fermenting bucket next day, gets oxygen into it and saves my dodgy shoulder stirring /shaking lol. All sterilised with Sodium P and tap soaked...
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    Sir Keir Starmer breached MPs' code of conduct eight times

    Is this a discussion or something else? As a discussion, hopefully you’ll get different and divergent opinions which you may or may not agree with, the code was breached which he has admitted and apologised for, and the author of the report has stated the breaches were not malicious or...
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    Sir Keir Starmer breached MPs' code of conduct eight times

    When you look into it these were late filings, not deliberate attempts to hide income that could lead to influence as some have done. Ms Stone in her report has said as much herself.
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    What did you brew today?

    CML Hebridean Wildcat, one gallon AG padded out to 1.5 gallons to use up spare grain ends, Perle, Saaz and CML4 yeast, OG1.060 & good brew smells great, cheers all
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    One-way ticket to Rwanda for some UK asylum seekers

    I agree with some of what you say, but take issue with your imo naive reference to the Falklands War. The islands are British territory that had been invaded by a quasi fascist military regime who had no qualms about murdering anyone who stood upto them, even drugging dissidents and throwing...
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    Do you still live where you were born.

    Left Cornwall to study and work, nothing doing back then a lot moved away as no jobs etc, lived all over UK and travelled the world, this is a beautiful country, couldn’t afford to move back to Cornwall now sadly house prices are insane. Meant to say we are happy where we are though!
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    Woodfordes Tinsel toes

    Tinsel toes is a nice pint from memory, second one I brewed a bit stronger with some extra spray and a little wheat malt and Candi which gave it more of a kick.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2022?

    Bosteels Single Batch BBB01 Barley Wine, 12.5%, amazing complex flavours, two bottles from an old Beer hawk order wish I had more! Cheers all.
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    Common word pairs.

    Third Uncle
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Ukraine: Russia has launched 'full-scale invasion'

    Unfortunately Putin has systematically got rid of anyone with the potential chops to pose a threat, the radio today stating he has taken personal charge of some of the strategic decision making may explain some of the basic errors the Ruscist forces are making, the last Tsar did this and got the...
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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    Common word pairs.

    Go away
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    Common word pairs.

    Pole Star
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    Common word pairs.

    Down pub