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    Heat pump grants worth £5,000

    Ok, we have 1 large fan assisted electric storage heater in our house that dates from its construction in the late 60's. 2 years ago I started down the route of replacing it with an air source heat pump, as the price differential between economy7 an day units had been erroded in the last 10...
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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Fyne Panther please.
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    I don't think we are going to break the 2020 lockdown volume with less than 3 months to go 2020 total - 33,156 2021 - 20,550 so far... No wonder there were supplies shortages during lockdown
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    Britons cut meat-eating by 17% [Poll]

    I think we consume about the same. Possibly a bit more processed meat like salami/bacon etc as older teens make their own snacks & eat us out of house & home. But then I have always eeked out spaghetti sauces & curries with lentils & additional veg.
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    How many litres of home brew have you made 2021.

    17L Christmas ale 23421L
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    The HomeBrewForum Membership Drive!

    You could always ask someone in your family to sign you up as a Christmas present.
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    Show us your cars.

    Oh well, here we go. Learnt to drive in my dad's Renault 4 First car was a bronze Fiat 127 palio from my Grandad. More than a bit temperamental at starting. Fun fabric sun roof. Ran that into the ground. Red Seat Ibiza. Only had a couple of years, didn't like it much. Yellow Fiat Cinquecento...
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    Brewnaldos brewday

    Check the map and see if there is anyone close by that you could borrow one from?
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    The Homemade Pizza Thread

    We do easy pizza here, as the teenagers like to build their own. 25% wholemeal dough in the bread maker. Split into 4 portions & stretched onto oiled round pizza oven trays - ones with holes in. Fan oven on at 220C I pre cook base for 2 minutes first. Not sure if that's best but it seems to...
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    What did you brew today?

    Today I shall mostly attempting my first AG wheat beer. Just heating the mash water up now. Looking at 2/3 pale malt to 1/3 wheat malt. In the meantime I am thinking about what hops to use from my current stock
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    Possible Scam Alert

    You can buy a VoIP phone number from any region that had available numbers. I suspect they use that as calls are much cheaper than a standard landline. Also the past few years has seen a big increase in scam calls from mobile numbers. Either stolen Sims or burner Sims bought with 1 month...
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    Hockey/Lacrosse, etc.

    Hockey is played in a few state schools but not many. Sports staff at my school did rugby an hockey but almost all surrounding schools did football and that was 40 years ago. From my knowledge, hockey remains popular in private schools for girls but not boys and you can still find a reasonable...
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    First timer with small orchard seeking advice on cider

    Last year I did about 5 gallons. It took a long time as I was chopping the apples with one of those press down segmenters that leave the core. Put segments in magimix with just enough apple juice to produce a lot of pulp. Filled Fermentation vessel and started fermentation of the pulp. After a...
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    Ribena wine... what yeast to use?

    I taught my teenagers how to make this and I think the truth is somewhere in between. Fermentation times are long compared to wine made from juice. You must add some kind of nutrients for the yeast (tried Young's wine nutrient & latest batch had a bag of frozen blackberries added) Even then, it...
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    Panic Buying

    It just goes to show how fragile society really is. I'm sure someone can give the proper quote that says something like society is 2 hot dinners away from collapse (or that might be pay days - you get the gist...)