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    Change one letter. (5 letter)

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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    An extra few weeks in the keg and this faux lager has come on great
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    Lawrence22 Brew day

    I I have 4 kegs at the moment. I don't usually condition for this length of time though. After I have filled the keg I purge it with Co2, then leave it on at 15 psi for about 20 mins before removing it from the gas. I then just leave it in a corner of my garage. Every few weeks I will give it...
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    Lawrence22 Brew day

    Kegged this today + 4 bottles. F.G. of 1.013 so 6.3% this time, so slightly stronger than the last two times I've brewed this. Going away for 6 months now, though I may sample the bottles a bit earlier to monitor its' progress.
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    Beer Can Chicken

    Just for your info, there is a foodies section on here which would probably be a better place to post this thread.
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    Deathstar's Brew Day

    Remember to weigh out and note what malts and hops you do use, just in case it turns out to be awesomeathumb..
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    Beer Can Chicken

    This is one I did long time ago.
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    Beer Can Chicken

    I've done this quite a few times, works great. If you don't fancy using an actual beer can you can buy special beer can roasters now. I just oil the chicken put a rub on, stick a half full stubby beer can up its @rse and put in the middle of the weber cooking indirect. Don't use a larger beer...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    Back on my Faux Lager. Apologies for the glass
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    School opening. [poll]

    I voted Yes, but only because over here (NI) the executive have already said the kids won't be going back till September. I hope by then we will be in a better situation. I would also be concerned of the effect of long term isolation on my son, particularly as he is an only child.
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    Q. For the big drinkers

    I used to be a heavy drinker in my younger days, not so much now. Drink Friday & Saturday and maybe once midweek. I can easily produce enough to keep me going but I do like to try different beers from time to time and there are a few old favourites I like to have every now and again. I probably...
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    So Ireland has won it more often than any other nation and not one of those songs features on this list?
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    The previously mentioned Lager.
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    Forced carb equipment

    If you want to force carbonate, your best bet is to go with either Cornelius Kegs or mini kegs.
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    What are you drinking tonight 2020 (part two)

    I've just taken a small sample of a faux lager I brewed recently to check for carbonation. Very pleased with it. Will be having a few later.