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    Headaches, shakes - hangover?

    I had hot flushes and headaches turns out my blood pressure was slightly high
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    Headaches, shakes - hangover?

    Check your blood pressure
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    Crossmyloof hop extracts

    I’ve brought a few I’ve used whole bottles in my cornys and couldn’t really taste much difference. I’ve also tried drops in my beer and have had to put at least 6 to 5 drops to taste anything. It’s states to use 2 . Maybe it’s just my taste buds so maybe worth trying one for yourself.
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    Co2 bottle ?

    Yeah mines around 50 bar
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    Co2 bottle ?

    Hi guys thanks for your reply’s just wanted to see what other people’s usage was but mine seems to be in the middle of both of yours . I also use it to flush cleaning fluid and water through the pipes so am pleased with 7 months use . I’ve just paid 33 pound for a refill that’s with vat and...
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    Co2 bottle ?

    Hi guys so I’ve just used up my first co2 bottle 6.35kg it’s lasted me 7 months with a fair bit of use mainly at weekends. I just wanted to know if you think this is about average usage ? How long does yours last ? I seem to use a lot when cleaning the kegs and pipes on kegagorater Thanks
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    Ink bird itc 308

    I don’t really know to be honest but I’ve learned to trust it I’ve got a stick on Thermometer which reads higher. But my brews have never failed me with using a sponge and taping it down . And a brew fridge of course. My opinion is if it’s within a certain range and it’s Constant that’s good...
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    7% to 8% beer ?

    Thanks for the reply’s guys think I will go for 8kg of grain with two packets . Will aerate a bit more for more oxygen , and see how it’s goes . Thanks
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    7% to 8% beer ?

    Hi guys so I’ve got a grainfather and I think without looking I can use 9kg of grain for a single brew . My question is would I need to use two packets of yeast ? Us 05 to be exact . Wanting to get a higher abv as I enjoy a strong beer 🍺. Just a smash recipe. Any info would be much...
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    To drink or not to drink?

    If your going to keep the vessel use vwp and nuke the bastard . Wash out good and use again I don’t advise to use vwp for anything else . Pbw for normal cleaning
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    To drink or not to drink?

    Definitely infection mate throw it
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    R.I.P Thread.

    RIP bobby
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    Hi there...

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    Hello from Kent

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    Hamster spam

    We have also got a hamster 🐹. Brought for my birthday total waste of time for me to be honest. Fed up with cleaning it out didn’t even ask for it .