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    The Love Brewing Trick or Treat Giveaway!

    Lucky Freedom please.
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    Redwulf's Brewdays

    Cheers, my concern now is that it will be really good and I'll never be able to make it again athumb..
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    Redwulf's Brewdays

    I used Wyeast 1469 for my last batch of bitter in Feb/March, It likes plenty of headspace in the fermentation vessel.
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    d-rest advice please

    My understanding is that the diacetyl rest takes place after Final Gravity has been reached and needs to be up around 18-20c to allow the yeast to absorb the diacetyl.
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    Redwulf's Brewdays

    Bonus Bitter This was going to be a Black Sheep Ale Clone but it didn't quite go to plan Batch Size: 23 Litire (Planned) Grain Bill 3.75KG Maris Otter - (More Like 5kg) 400g Torrified Wheat 300g Crystal 14g Black Malt Hops Challenger 20g @ 60 Mins Progress 20g @ 60 Mins Fuggle 10g @60...
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    What are you drinking tonight 2021?

    We rolled this our for little homebrew festival a few weeks ago and then I put the keg in the keezer and left it for a month. It was good at the festival, its cracking now. My plum porter.
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    Redwulf's Brewdays

    Sorry, between work and self imposed projects I've not been online much this week. That is what mine looked like.....I did cold crash and fine it with gelatine and below is the real thing
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    Mango Milkshake IPA disappointment

    I can see a couple of potential culprits. 1. Did you add the mango to primary? Apparently the trub/yeast can interfere with the flavour. For best results add the fruit to a new FV and siphon the beer on top as you would for batch priming. Ideally with something like this you want to be airless...
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    Redwulf's Brewdays

    Idaho 7 New England IPA Batch Size: 23L 3.8KG Pilsner Malt 1 KG Rolled Oats 0.2 KG Torrefied Wheat Hop Additions 40g Idaho 7 - Hop Stand 60g Idaho 7- High Krausen Dry Hop 100g Idaho 7 - Dry Hop Yeast CML Voss Kveik O.G 1.048 Expected F.G 1.010
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    Plum Porter

    Sorry been rushing about It was 23L
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    Plum Porter

    It worked really well, I took the keg along with some others to a party last weekend and it came out for a bit and the consesus was it was good. For secondary I stewed the plums in the same way I did for the boil, I brought some flavouring to add at bottling but it didn't need it.
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    Christmas Beer - adapting from a kit

    I've tweaked the order a bit, from my reading about adding secondary additions, batch priming etc its better to put the addition in the bucket and the beer to it. The Sugar & Orange Juice are optional, I'd did it that way when I added the 2nd batch of plums to my porter and I'm very happy with...
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    Christmas Beer - adapting from a kit

    I'd get another bucket, if you are doing stuff like this having a secondary vessel is advisable. You can dump stuff into primary, but there are risks around dead yeast interacting badly with things like fruit additions. I've done a couple of fruity beers this year and I've always moved it to a...
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    Cornelius Keg x2 Raffle!! ENDED

    I am in, always need more kegs.... :D