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May 20, 2020
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East Yorkshire
Slight mishap...

I've got three demi's of turbo cider that I started on Monday afternoon and I've realised I forgot the tea. Can I add it once the Krausen has dropped or is this batch resigned to becoming an alcopop and if so should I do it in primary or wait till I rack it off for batch priming?

1. Vimto TC - 3.5L of Tesco Apple Juice and 1L of "Normal" Vimto Squash
2. Mango and Apple - 2L of Tesco Mango and Apple Juice and 2.5L of Tesco Apple Juice
3. Straight Apple - 4.5L of Tesco Apple Juice.

I've added 0.5 tsp of Yeast nutrient and a sachet of Bulldog Medium Cider Yeast.

I don't bother with tea in turbo cider. I just ferment the juice which is what you do with real cider. I've tried it of course but couldn't detect any benefit. So I wouldn't worry if I were you
Sorry for hijacking your thread, but I am considering putting on a really basic cider and I have been wondering why people are putting tea in the brew, the above answers that for me.

Now, with regard to my cider, I am looking to just use a 5ltr plastic bottle with 4.5ltrs of juice plus tea for the above reason, drill a hole in the lid and pop on an airlock then after fermentation, syphon straight from the bottle into glass bottles to carbonate, I don't think it get's any simpler than that. May actually add 100g of sugar during the ferment as well to give it a little ABV boost.

I do have a question though, do I specifically need cider yeast or can I use another yeast? I currently have a yeast sachet left over from my coopers lager kit, so will this do or will it mess with the flavours? I know cider yeast is cheap as chips, I was just thinking I will get on with it straight away if I don't need the cider yeast.

One other question, I like a reasonably sweet cider, so what simple off the shelf in the local supermarket sweetener should I use and in what quantity for a medium sweet finish? Can I just use Candarel for example?
Any yeast will work.

All non fermentatable sweeteners work. But try it in some water first some have an aftertaste. The cheapo with the yellow lid seems by far the best imo. Sucralose.

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